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It's time for Le Guen to prepare for living life on the edge

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I heard Paul Le Guen saying that one of the reasons he wanted to take the Rangers job was because of the challenge and the pressures involved at Ibrox.

But until the season gets under way and there is one dodgy result he will have no idea just what it is like to manage Rangers.

Both halves of the Old Firm carry a unique kind of pressure with them and Le Guen has little understanding of just how intense that will be.

He has - quite rightly - said all the right things about making the the championship his priority.

However, unlike in Lyon, he will be expected to win every game domestically, as he will soon discover.

He is already aware that he will not have a pot of money to go out and buy whoever he fancies, but I think what will be crucial is that the money Le Guen is given will be spent wisely.

I also think it is vital that he is given a bit of time to bed in and get used to the club and the demands of the SPL.

There have already been some Rangers fans who have been a bit disgruntled at the lack of big name signings coming in, but we don't know these players that he has signed and I am sure that they will be capable of doing the job.

The thing I expect to see over the course of this season is big improvements in some of the players who have under-performed of late at the club.

Le Guen prides himself on his own fitness and he will demand those same standards of his players.

The early morning training was something he started in France when it was very hot and so it was an attempt to avoid the midday heat, but even now there will be double sessions daily for the players as they work on fitness and tactics.

That can only benefit the squad and especially some of the younger players.

Chris Burke, Steven Smith and Alan Hutton all had decent campaigns last season and they will learn a lot under the tutelage of Le Guen because he has such a successful track record.

He has cut it at the very top level and immediately there will be respect for him in the dressing room.

I also think that, not only is he the kind of manager who won't put up with any nonsense, I can't see him being the type to have favourites.

Alex McLeish had players that he liked to stick with, even if they were perhaps not doing as well as they could have, but I think Le Guen is the type to drop people, regardless of how big a name they are or how well liked they are by the fans, if they aren't doing the business on the park.

The Frenchman won't care about reputations - and, if it helps him to success with Rangers, then he will have the supporters on his side.


Nice to hear that reputations arent going to count for anything and it will be down to performance on the pitch

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Well i think that is exactly what we need at Ibrox and i believe you will see a big improvement in players that are already at the club as i think that a lot of the blame for last season has to be underachieving players.There are good players at Ibrox so hopefully Le Gaffer can bring the best out of them.

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Agree with ian.


Hopefully the improvement in discipline, training techniques, fitness and tactics will mean every player (even ones who failed badly last season) can regain their form and contribute in some way.


I can't wait!

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Yeah its looking good, even the likes of Ricksen could get back onto a game for us.


One of McLeishs biggest problems was he couldnt drop certain players which IMO is needed to give players a wake up call at times.

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Discipline has been missing, as has the right attitude. Le Guen has got them in abundance so I hope players learn that to be as good as they think they are they have to work fucking hard!!!


PLG Loyal!

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