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Charles Green should have done this when we raised £22million from that share issue in Division 3. No way should we build a new stadium, Arsenal have been selling their best players and won nothing since they built the Emirates, and if they couldn’t afford it then we sure as heck wouldn’t either.


Ideally we could add a tier to the Govan, like Liverpool have done with Anfield, and that only took then 6 months. But I don’t know if Ibrox is the same. 

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There must be ways to do this in phases as FS suggests. Ploughing too much in fiesntbmske sense. Money could be raised through stadium naming rights, increase in ST prices with guarantee that the increase goes to stadium, sensible borrowing against future additional ST sales based on increased capacity, perhaps a cash injection from one of the richer owners and naming sections of the new parts of the stadium after him, lottos, fan zones,, sponsorship with building and engineering firms, share issue, debentures (yes I know) etc. Dave King has promised ‘exciting’ stadium redevelopment for 2022 so they will do something. 


I agree with the overall sentiment that success on the pitch is of primary importance but the two go hand in hand and if the facilities are good such as upgraded toilets, better seating, good quality food and drink, shops, fan zone, museum etc and the product on the park is good you create a virtuous circle. 



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I agree with some of the posts in noting that some parts of the Stadium still look tired and in need of significant TLC. Would be interesting to understand what the Project 2022 will entail??


I think one aspect of the matchday experience that needs to be looked at is the surrounding roads & pavement conditions. I know that would involve Glasgow City Council (so might be low on their agenda give its Rangers) - Celtic got this all sorted for them FOC with the Commonwealth Games.


I think the other battle Rangers and fans may have is due to the new parking regulations around the Ibrox area.


I would like to think the Board should have Stadium expansion as a medium-long term objective in their strategy. Simply ignoring this wouldn't do the club any favours.

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