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Dave King's Statement of Intent

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1 hour ago, Walterbear said:

Great article. If every Rangers fan does some small positive thing over and above what they do already it will have a significant impact. 

I felt highly motivated and energised by the recent statements, and this excellent article.  We need to maintain the momentum so I started to think about the actions we can take, and no doubt others are too.  For starters, mine would be:


- take time to speak to other bears this week, highlighting the importance of taking action

- ensure that as many other bears appreciate the damage being done by certain areas of the media, and to avoid buying or supporting their rags in any way

- write to our politicians about the corruption at the SFA (I realise this is likely to cause lots of smart, or not so smart, remarks about allegiances, but it will remind them that they have a responsibility for all constituents)

- object to the parking restrictions at Ibrox

- refuse any tickets for away grounds.  This is one I am determined to stick to until other clubs speak out

- buy my son and nephews the strip when it's available (I haven't bought one in many years)

- start the Rangers lottery (I've not taken the time to do this yet, sorry)


What other ideas have you guys got about what we can do?  Maybe if we came up,with a sensible list, we could get the various supporters clubs to publicise it with their members.  We could really start a revolution in our support now that we have a board we can unite behind.  We may not all like DK, but it's time to support him and the board by doing what we can.


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Great article, Dave King should keep up with his broadside of the SFA and SPFL, don't take no for an answer here. They can ignore us and stick their heads in the sand but we are going anywhere, they started this and Rangers will finish it.


Make more allegations, put it all out in the open, the nepotism, the cronyism and outright corruption, if we are wrong they can fine us again or take us to court, somehow i don't think they will want to do that this time.


As for their trumped up charges against Rangers on the UEFA license, i think that could end up at the Court Of Session, or at least i hope it does.

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There is a LONG way for us to travel to get back on an evenish keel regards the subject of the excellent article by Rick.


The bottomline is that there is a mutual hatred between Rangers and Celtic but the latter have the culture (DNA), the know-how, the backing  & co-ordination between various levels, the will & dedication, the contacts scattered far and wide and importantly....in the last few years they've had copious material to use in an effort to maximise damage on our club.


It's basically been a game of shooty-in whilst we struggle at varioius levels, often fighting between ourselves.


What's happened in the last year or so is that Celtic PLC seem to have decided to at least be seen to go down the route that some of their shareholders (resolution 12ers) desperately wanted. During this period, Lawwell has been putting his ducks in order regards the governing bodies. 


So now that the charges have been brought,....... Dave King has launched a long overdue counter-offensive. We'll have to hope that there is more to come and that it has sufficient substance to start making things change.


The judgement on the two charges will I think be an important moment.

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