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I know some people seem to have problems with this so please use the images below to assist you in emedding content into the site.


This works for anything really - just wait a few secs for the content to render once you paste it in.








More help for mobile devices:



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 I have no problem on FF or anywhere else.


This is the way I am receiving tweets.

When I press the tweet address I get this that says Blocked by Content safety policy.
It also says Fault while linking to Twitter.com
Any help is welcome as it is bloody annoying
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And it does it feom every tweet? Or can you link to an example?

That error sounds more like a provider safety policy, i.e i think mabie from your safety settings on something rarher than from ipboard software. What browser is it too?


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It is only with firefox and only on the Gersnet. I have no problem on FF or with the Gersnet on chrome, i have searched the firfox security settings but I can't find anything untoward. I have even tried throwing Firefox out and reloading unfortunately they think they are doing me a favour and reload your old settings. I can see no option to bypass that. I will look further and maybe if I don't get it, reload the whole of windows. I havn't done that in a while anyway.I am a firefox loyal.

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All of a sudden the tweets are okay again. No idea what the problem was or what fixed it. Unless one of you guy's done something, or I unknowingly, I will put it down to the Gersnet ghost striking again.

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