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18 hours ago, Frankie said:

  Working fine here mate. Wait a few secs, sometimes there can be a wee delay while it renders. 

Frankie, even when you/someone quotes my post it reads as text

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17 hours ago, Bill said:

I can honestly say I've never had any problems embedding tweets. Ian are you sure you always post as plain text because it won't work if you don't?

I've never changed the way I post tweets! I'll have a few posts/tweets in here to see if I can fix it

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2 hours ago, Bill said:

Looks like the problem is at your end. The tweet you posted looks perfect to me.

Cheers Bill, don't know what the problem is then? as long as the tweet is visible to others, it just shows as text for me, as do tweets that others post!.

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15 hours ago, Bill said:

I wonder if it's worth re-installing your browser? Anyone else got a suggestion?

Microsoft requested to restart my computer for updates, so I did, and everything is back to normal now :thup:

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