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Hemdani, a good example to our youngsters.

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Hemdani has been our most consistent performer this season.

He does the job he is asked to do and is tactically disciplined.

When he has ventured forward, it�´s been in games when we were getting beaten and were looking for a goal

Celtic, december 2006 and Osasuna (H)...last minute goals.


To say he is limited as a player and then watch the execution of his goal against Osasuna from the camera angle directly behind the play doesn�´t make sense, rarely do you see such a goal at Ibrox....why? Because the players that tend to play there haven�´t got the technical ability/poise to do it in a match situation.


When asked he played in central defence and did well moping up the play and getting the ball forwards to a blue shirt. Had he played with Weir I�´m sure they would have been a good partnership but Svensson wasn�´t dominate in the air which meant an obvious weakness. Saying that they had a lot of clean sheets.


His tackling isn�´t a strong point but staying on your feet, reading the game and being in the right place is often a preferred option to "getting inta them", the scottish way which has come back from european games so many times with it�´s tail between it�´s legs.


Hemdani is no Zidane, he lacks speed aswell but again that is shown up when the rest of the midfield is pedestrian, we should have some speed in their to compliment Hemdani.


IMHO Hemdani is the best example of a footballer we currently have at Rangers. It is true though that this shows a club our size up, why ?

Well for one thing we need a dynamic forward who has talent/speed to change the big games and secondly it shows up the scottish footballing culture.

Ferguson could and should be POTY given his ability but he�´s not making the most out of his career due to his professionalism being intermittent. He�´s done better than his brother and Charlie Miller but you can�´t help feeling he could have been better.

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Yeah, I agree with a lot of that mate.


Hemdani is a class act and the way he's went about his Rangers career after early setbacks should make him a good role model for the younger players.

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He didn't get off to the best start due to injuries and a lot of the Rangers fans were getting tore into him (including me) thinking he was at it and just here for an easy wage. He made a slow start to his playing career under AM but came to the front under PLG and has maintained his form under WS. Rarely loses the ball and keeps it simple. Why doesn't he get the same praise that fantabaws at Celtic gets?


Was Hemdani nominated for POTY award?

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Yeah agree with the opening post. Hemdani strolls through games.


Ive said it for a few months now but if he had 2 extra yards of pace I think he would be a top club in a bigger league.


I dont think he needs to improve on his game as im happy with what he does and id like to see a creative player in the team but i would like to see him shoot a bit more as he has proved he can score from outside the box.


He pips Hutton to my POTY as he has been consistant all season, but Hutton wasnt far behind him for his performances this calender year.

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Taking absolutely nothing away from Brahim, it's a shame that the one player who has been head and shoulders above everyone else this season is the sole player that has gone out there and done his job from the first whistle to the last. Surely at Rangers, our fans Player of the Year should be the guy who gets the ball and excites us, the guy who creates chances, who scores the goals that lead us to trophies! C'mon Murray, pull the finger out!


But, yeah, Hemdani is class.

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