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2008 We knew it, now proof

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Was it not the case that our game against St Mirren which was played on 19th May was originally meant to be played back in January?! I seem to recall the question being asked why there was such a long wait for the rescheduled date as was it not the case that "postponed matches must be played on 1st available free date".


Same goes the Celtic game from January - wasn't that arrange for mid-April?


Either of these postponements never helped us in any way in the lead in the end of the season, cant recall why it took so long to get another fixture date for these matches.

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20 hours ago, der Berliner said:

the season where Archie MacPherson was in the BBC Scotland canteen during the EL final and was flabbergasted when the whole place went bananas as Zenit scored.

STV canteen it was apparently

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5 hours ago, JohnMc said:

I see this morning's Record is giving a less than subtle clue that it was indeed Reid who made the call. 

There is no mystery, it was Reid.


What it highlights is the lengths Celtic would go to stick the boot into Rangers. Fast forward from then to now and we have two SFA charges against us that are in the system and were pushed by a prominent Chief Executive of a Scottish football club.




TBF to Lawwell :eek2: it was more an activist fan group who pressured the board into going down this road. Lawwell then started maneuvering the governing bodies/personel as best he could.

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There can be no other club on planet fitba who would behave like they do. It is one thing to try and push the limits to get a sporting advantage for your own club but it is another to try and damage a rival at all levels like they do. There can be no doubt  now that these SFA charges have nothing to do with Sporting Imtegrity. It’s got nothing to do with EBTs and false liquidity statements. It’s pure hatred from them because of what they are.  It makes you strongly suspect that organisations like FARE are working very very closely with these people. They are an absolute cancer. A club that could only offer their greatest ever employee a pools job because he wasn’t a catholic.


Rangers need to come up with some sort of response against these people (I can hardly call them by their name anymore) and it needs to be a series of actions not words and statements. Getting them out our stadium was a good start. It also demonstrates we need to build our relationships with other clubs. I am sure there are chairmen out there who will think these people are totally out of control and stuff like the referee strike was manufactured purposely and entirely from bad sportsmanship and zero integrity. 

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Without wanting to sound condescending, but the stereotypical Scottish clan-mentallity springs to mind. Who or what is the best option for oneself, and preferably in the here and now and not the future. The bigger picture never really matters. And if someone offers a better deal, out come the knifes in the dark to stab the previous best friend / ally in the back. That may work for a while, but if one big player assumes total control, you end up being fed crumps and eventually start being happy with it ...

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