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RANGERS' decision to mark the 10th anniversary of their nine-in-a-row success with a star-studded match at Ibrox prompted a furious reaction from Celtic supporters.


Ally McCoist and Mark Hateley helped promote the event but their efforts sparked outrage.


Erin Malloy, Castlemilk, Glasgow, said: "Rangers are missing the point. I want them to remember Celtic were the first team to win the championship in nine consecutive seasons and we have won the European Cup.


"We don't go on about our past exploits so why are they doing so? They should forget their past glories and focus on winning now."


James Robertson, Dennistoun, Glasgow, said: "They are milking their nine in a row because they have won absolutely nothing for two years.


"They should be embarrassed that they have qualified for the Champions League with nothing at all in the cabinet."


These are the first two comments in the records hotline today.


The first one contradicts herself by letting EVERYONE know about their past exploits.... and didnt tic have the bright idea of putting the star to celebrate their 'european exploits' AFTER Rangers put the 5 stars on their shirt.

Correct me if im wrong but i think so.


Second comment is just stupid, we've all acknowledged we're embarrsed by the past few seasons... but (a) we have qualified for the CL yet and (b) why should we be embarrased about qualifing through finishing 2nd?

Its Uefa who have given the SPL these options.

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If it is one man then he sucks at his job.... there's plenty other things he could write up for a bit of controversy. :fish:


i hear snp won the elections and hence rangers are backwards britain loving scum. i dont even know what i'm talking about now, i think i'm going to just go home and relax. :D

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