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Well I have to say I'm a lot more excited about the season coming than I've been for quite some time.


It was a crushing blow to lose out on Champions League, but fair play to Hearts, they were better than us and deserve their place, and I hope they do well in the name of Scotland. Here's hoping our starting off in the Uefa Cup, with what will conceivably be a rebuilt team, will blood the side in and give PLG the chance to find his feet without the immediate pressure of the CL. Don't get me wrong, I'd choose the CL every time but end of the day we're not in it so we have to make the best of what we do have.


In PLG we have one of Europe's brightest and most coveted managers, whose stock has never been higher. Getting him was one of the biggest signings in our history and he is the man to take us forward, no doubt about that.


Our obvious priority has to be taking the Championship out of Celtic's hands, but they're doing rebuilding too, getting in some decent if not outstanding (IMO) players like the Scotland boys and this Sno chap and Jarosik. On the other hand we've brought in a promising Swedish defender to replace Soti, a Czech winger whose performance in Germany in the little time he got was certainly positive, and Letizi who has 4 caps for France apparently. Both the OF are failing to explode in the transfer market so far, settling instead for subtle enhancements and replacements so far rather than major acquisitions. Maybe it's presumptious to say this season could be a battle between the managers rather than the squads, because while both sets of fans could be reasonably pleased with what their managers have brought in, we're not talk about earth shattering signings here.


And in that light I think PLG is probably more rated than Strachan. However, Strachan now knows the Scottish game and PLG is a novice even though he's studiously prepared.


I would like to think it's a given that we'll take the SPL back in light of the changes. Let's face it, no Rangers fan expects anything less; I know I don't, but that's not to say Celtic will roll over and die. They won't.


As for the Uefa Cup, well it looks rather strong this year for once, with some genuinely big sides in there rather than Zenit and Middlesbrough from last year. How well we do is dependent on how much PLG hits the ground running, but he is capable of taking us very far indeed.


I have never had more faith in a manager than I do in him, and trust him with the team implictly. I'm still amazed we got him.


As for the actual team, well some of the dead wood has been shafted and that remains an ongoing process; PL has gone, Soti's gone - both players I rated quite highly, very highly in Soti's case, but I'm content with Svensson as his replacement. We have bought in fairly shrewdly so far imo, and it's good that the spine of the team seems to be so solid; Svensson (Hopefully he settles quickly, former captain of Gothenburg and part of the Swedish WC squad, can't be bad - then again - look at Du Wei for Celtic...) and Rod (Showed just how good he is when he returned from injury during the second half of the season) at the back, Ferguson (Recovered from all the injuries which plagued him last season and imo the best player in Scotland when on his game), and Prso up front.


It's hard to analyse the lot without sounding totally biased and vaguely incoherent, but I will say there are now 3 sides in the SPL capable of winning it and that's not been the case for a very long time. It should be a good season, and I fully expect us to win the SPL back and make another real mark in Europe like last season.

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good post danny.


i feel very excited about the prospect of such a good manager leading us through next seasons campaign.


i am more than prepared to let the guy build steadily though and won`t be too disapointed if we don`t get the league first time.


so long as he`s made giant strides with strenghtning the team then i`d happily back leguen.


i would obviously like the title or a couple of cups or even a decent run in the uefa to say the quarters.


whatever i`m hoping leguen gets us back on track.

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Interesting and very positive post mate.


I agree the outlook is bright and although the fans are having to accept various percieved negative things, such as ongoing prudent finances and issues surrounding our songs, we have to keep the chins up.


There is so much good to be had from this new tenure. But PLG and the new players will need our support more than ever. I can't wait to give it.


Roll on July 29th!

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Good post Danny, i cant disagree with anything you put and like yourself Im still delighted and cant believe we got Paul Le Guen.


As you say we have to hit the ground running because we dont want to be playing catch up early on.


I actually think Celtic are having a bigger re-building job than us due to there ageing team.

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Exellent post Danny, i may be totally wrong but my idea of scottish coaches is having the players running round the track improving fitness but falling short on technical ability. The contenental way is training with a ball at all times. That is why i feel we have the best manager available to lead us forward.

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Thanks for the kind words guys.


In reply to Pete, I think one of the many benefits of PLG is he's the best of both worlds. Knows the game inside out and possesses plenty of tactical nous, plus is a total stickler for fitness.


He's the manager our club's been crying out for since the degeneration of the DA era.

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