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35 minutes ago, ian1964 said:

I honestly think Middleton has a good/better chance of starting just now!

Until Grezda does something in his sub appearences that indicate he offers the team something, Middleton should stay ahead of him in the pecking order.

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11 hours ago, der Berliner said:

On a sidenote, Thisisfootball is nothing more than another attention ... ahem click-seeking website that posts controversial headlines with articles that could come straight out of a fanboard ...


The problem with Grezda and Sadiq is that we have a settled starting line-up that gets results, which we need at this moment in time. There is, IMHO, a certain reluctance in substituting people. While we hardly know anything about the fitness- and injury-levels of all the players, you would have hoped to see more of Middleton, Grezda and even Sadiq by now. How else will we bring the latter two up to match sharpness ...

Candeias looks nothing like a striker and it would be a crime to take his workrate away from the midfeild.

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So let me get this right, because we have to play a weaker side in the cup we should play a weaker side than possible this coming game because two weaker sides create a stronger side😂😂😂😂


Personally think itd be best to play the strongest side in each game 

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I agree, always strongest possible side. But On Sunday we have a striker out due to the NI FA and the following Sunday we have both strikers out due to suspension and cup tied status.


If we can take an early lead and look comfortable on Sunday at Hamilton it makes sense to experiment with the front line for the following Sunday which on paper should be a sterner test with no recognised striker.


Striker is the one area we're relatively short on. We badly need those 3 points this Sunday and we badly need to put the sheep in their proper place the following Sunday. I believe Gerrard was right. We're a class above the sheep but we need to confirm that.  

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Hamilton seems like an ideal team to give him his first start imo. Should be an easy enough team to beat away from home, even in spite of our pretty terrible away form so far. Hamilton is struggling to find form at the minute and was thrashed 6-0 off of Hibs just before the international break. 

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It would obviously help to play Grezda as a striker (or anyone else required) just in case we'll be without either Morelos and Lafferty, or even both. People need a bit of time to get used to one another, not least when it comes to new folk like Grezda or Sadiq, who haven't played much this season. Perhaps not from the start though.

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