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Celtic Boys Club manager 'stuffed banknotes in boy's mouth'

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Wonder when the SFA will think they should get involved. 
A member club deliberately covered up criminality at its BC for almost 3 decades.

And that BC produced many players for its first team who went on to have successful careers winning many trophies for the club.

Surely the question needs to be asked whether the member club would have had as much success had the criminality at the BC been dealt with at the time?

I’d suggest probably not. In fact definitely not. 
Does that mean we should invoke ‘sporting integrity’ ? Should some or all honours be removed from the member club throughout these 3 decades?

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Y'know, for all the convictions and all the efforts to expose the rotten heart of this debacle, not one bit of this sordid affair has yet stuck to Celtic FC. The SNP govt is determined to refuse an enquiry, the SFA has effectively ignored the whole affair and the media won't touch it with a barge pole. Victims have suffered and died while much of Scottish society is content to ignore or deny.


Like bishops protecting the Catholic Church at all costs, the Irish-identifying community that orbits Celtic FC is prepared to turn a blind eye to any outrage in order to protect their emblematic football club. The interdependent and mutually reliant Irish community, Catholic Church and the SFA ... as well as the SNP that depends on all of them ... these are reasons why no one should have confidence in justice ever being allowed to see the light in this squalid little country.

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Eighteen months past, BBC Scotland recorded an extensive interview with Pat Nevin reference Celtic Boys' Club. He was in the system for seven-eight years. Further, his Father was a long term Coach within the organisation. We heard Pat was open to his experience ie everyone knew there was on going abuse but since his Old Man took his level's training he was protected.


Really, we do not know because the interview has still to be broadcast.


Last week, Pat participated on Celebrity Mastermind, broadcast over Easter weekend. His specialist subject was Jeeves and Wooster. Appropriate, as Author PG Wodehouse reacted similarly to Pat in the summer of 1940. He decided to remain in the South of France after the Nazi invasion and, continue to write. It takes a particular type of tunnel vision and determination to continue within your comfort zone, knowing everyone around you is screaming.

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