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Celtic Boys Club manager 'stuffed banknotes in boy's mouth'

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Francis Cairney the ex Celtic Boys Club manager is the third member of this club, who Celtic claim they had no connection with, to face trial in last last few weeks.

Jim Torbett and Gerry King have both been found guilty of sexual abuse charges in the last few weeks. Cairneys trial has been going on for days but has received very little coverage which is strange considering the amount of interest you’d imagine such a story would create if it was covered.

We use the word “had” to describe the connection between both clubs because in recent months CBC have folded only to re-emerge under a different name. The new name is irrelevant at the moment due to the fact there will be many youngsters in this new sporting venture who do not deserve to be effected by these trials.

SoS understand that the SFA held back one recommendation from a list of 95 recommendations from their historic sexual abuse enquiry. This last recommendation will not be released until the outstanding trials are complete.

One point that was raised at the Torbett trial was the connection between CFC and CBC. The disgraced founder of CBC, who is currently serving his second jail sentence for child abuse, claimed that although CBC wore CFC strips, used their badge and trained and played at their training ground, they were not connected. He was asked how much rent CBC paid for using the Barrowfield Training Centre and he replied nothing was charged as Celtic allowed them to use it from the goodness of their heart. To believe these claims would mean taking the word of a proven liar and twice convicted pedophile.


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A den of iniquity of course  they all knew  from the chairman down to the woman who washed the strips that's why there has to be an investigation by an outside force to round them all up before they die . 

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