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Celtic Boys Club manager 'stuffed banknotes in boy's mouth'

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Celtic-daft MSP James Dornan embroiled in row after child abuse charity the Offside Trust criticise ‘bigot’ comment

THE SNP cried foul today after one of their politicians was blasted by a charity for “insulting” families of child abuse survivors.

Nats MSP James Dornan became embroiled in a furious Twitter row after responding to a user who accused the Scottish Government of “inaction” over child sexual abuse in sport.
Referencing the Celtic Boys Club scandal, the man told him: "Your government is sympathetic to paedophiles in this country. As proven by your inaction to hold a review into child sexual abuse in sport and churches.

"Cynics would assume it's a cover up for your beloved Celtic."
But Hoops fan Mr Dornan, the MSP for Glasgow's Cathcart, shot back saying: "Not cynics mate, bigots."

However, the MSP's comment was blasted by a charity backing survivors of childhood sexual abuse.
The Offside Trust said Mr Dornan's comment was an "insult to the families of survivors".

The group - set up by ex-footballer Steve Walters and former professional golfer Chris Unsworth, who were victims of historic cruelty - said elected officials "must do better" after Mr Dornan's bigot comment.

They flagged up Mr Dornan's Twitter comment and said: "Whatever your politics, religion or football team, the safeguarding of children must come first.

"Calling those who ask for a review into child abuse at Celtic 'bigots' is an insult to the families of survivors.

"Elected officials must do better."
But a senior SNP source claimed Mr Dornan's comment had been taken out of context.

The insider said: "James was not branding people who had concerns about lack of action on child sexual abuse bigots.

"He was specifically responding to the bizarre idea that the Scottish Government are 'sympathetic to paedophiles' and operating a 'cover up' for Celtic."

The Offside Trust statement has racked up more than 1,000 likes since it was posted on Tuesday afternoon.

And social media users have backed their calls for protecting children to come first.
One, Paul Kelly, said: "Bigotry doesn't come into it when safeguarding of children is mentioned.

"Our kids come first, ALWAYS. Doesn't matter if u support Celtic, Rangers, Man U, city...anyone. Leave the hatred out."

Gordon Cunningham added: "Breaks my heart that his first reaction is to protect the good name of Celtic."

Meanwhile, Peter Cordwell wrote: "How can anyone make the case AGAINST a review?"

Mr Dornan later clarified his comment on Twitter - claiming he was only pointing out its not just an issue at Celtic.

He said: "The tweet I responded to was talking of this disgusting abuse in only two places and accusing me of protecting them."
Mr Dornan has proven a divisive figure on social media in recent years, with regular clashes with Rangers fans.

Last year, he quit the SNP deputy leadership race, announcing he wanted to focus on tackling bigotry in Scotland.

Mr Dornan set up a cross-party group at Holyrood on Combatting Sectarianism In Scottish Society.

Its mission statement is to "bring together like-minded MSPs, as well as religious groups, charities, organisations, academics and other stakeholders to work collaboratively to see how we can address, and hopefully end, sectarianism in Scotland".

Mr Dornan has been approached for comment.


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33 minutes ago, ian1964 said:


Ouch! That is a slap down and a half.


Will it make any difference to the SNP's desperate attempts to hear no evil and see no evil in what to any fair minded person is a decades-long scandal centred on Celtic? I'm not holding my breath. Dornan is beneath contempt and the sooner his voters have a chance to show their disgust with him the better.

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