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Celtic Boys Club manager 'stuffed banknotes in boy's mouth'

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37 minutes ago, ian1964 said:

Having read this it mentions only care in residential institution and like,so IMO does not cover the abuse outside of these as in Torbett's case.

Again IMO an inquiry is necessary and should be opened at the earliest opportunity,but there again lies Scottish Government cover up.

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11 minutes ago, stewarty said:

Wow. Torbett is appealing his conviction! 



Celtic Boys Club founder Jim Torbett is to appeal his conviction for sexually abusing young players.

Torbett was jailed for six years earlier this month after a judge said he had used the football team as a "recruiting ground" to prey on boys.

Two victims had been in his under-14s football teams, while the third was abused by Torbett at the age of five.

The 71-year-old, from Kelvindale, Glasgow, was found guilty of five abuse charges between 1986 and 1994.

He had denied the charges during a trial at the High Court in Glasgow.

The judiciary office in Edinburgh has confirmed his lawyers have lodged an appeal against both conviction and sentence.

No further court date has been set.


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6 hours ago, ian1964 said:

As I read that post, Ian, it does not have the scope to investigate children at CBC. They need a separate inquiry.


 ... "For the purpose of this Inquiry, “Children in Care” includes children in institutional residential care such as ..."
 ... "The term does not include: children living with their natural families; children living with members of their natural families, children living with adoptive families, children using sports and leisure clubs ..."
Unless and until there is an inquiry directly focused on CBC and all of Scottish football there is a possibility of sweeping this under the carpet. 
The Scottish government should be seen to be prepared to investigate all avenues of inquiry robustly without leaving any area unchecked. No one should have to plead with them, such as Michelle Gray, to do their job properly.
The fact that Torbett has just appealed his trial and sentence shows just how far their reprehensible mindset will go to find a way to not accept responsibilty for their evil actions.

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Without going into to much detail I have just found out tonight,from a third party,that one of the guys whom I have known, only by his first name for many years, is the brother of Torbett.

This lad's health has deteriorated with all the publicity of the court case and shows that other people can be victims as well.

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