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Found on facebook page

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I read this somewhere else (not sure where tbh...). Bullying on any level is horrible. Fair play to Hayes. He seems like a decent fella and apparently been decent to fans in the past. I think he paid for Aberdeen fans to get their names changed on their tops after he left. Anyhoo...hopefully the wee guy is ok and his dad is using the strip to wash the car!! ?

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I hate bullying even more than acquired victimhood. Yet every one of us has almost certainly been part of it ourselves, either giving or receiving, at some stage in our lives. It's truly horrible and has tainted many many lives.

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3 hours ago, Gonzo79 said:

What does this have to do with Rangers?  

I’m going to suspect the OP has taken offence at the content. The only offence I take is at the quality of the grammar. 


Gersnet should be above copying and pasting nonsense from Facebook. 

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