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[FT] Aberdeen 1 - 0 Rangers

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Not a clue. I actually think we will play without a striker and have a front 3 of Kent, Candieas and 1 of either Grezbo, Middleton or even Arfield pushed further forward in a false 9. It will be down to our movement and passing to create opportunities and hope that the dons defenders dont know who to pick up as the front 3 will be alternating consistently.


Perhaps he will play Sadiq, you know the striker we have on loan from Serie A on big wages!!


How about whoever is playing well in the forward positions in the reserves? What does it say for our whole system if we play without a striker when we have (albeit inexperienced) strikers playing every week in the reserves. Does it say to these guys that they are wasting their time as even with no strikers available they didnt get a sniff?


How we line up and play tomorrow will tell us a lot about our young manager. I leave it in his capable hands and for now we can do nothing but back him to get it right,, but if we fail to reach the final, serious criticism will be coming his way for allowing this circumstance to happen. Not "get him out" or nonsense like that, but his management of the whole affair has been poor, from playing Morelos in an easy home QF when this could easily happen, not pushing Sadiq more (or getting rid) and not giving any reserves a bit of game time to try to get them used to their teammates. If he is going to play Middleton through the middle, why wasnt this tried last week at Hamilton, or in a bounce game during the int break? There are far more questions than answers, and the only easy way out of it all is a victory tomorrow which will allow us to say phew, we got through it, and move on. Penalties will do as long as we go through.

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If Arfield is available, I'd go with:



Tav Goldson Katic Flanagan

Ejaria Jack Arfield

Candeias Middleton Kent


It'll be interesting to see how we start.  McInnes never goes full tilt against us, so I see no point in being cautious and I'd go for their throats from KO.

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3 hours ago, Frankie said:

Come on then? Let's be having you - who replaces Morelos tomorrow? :whistle:

I think we'll minimise disruption to the rest of the team and start with Sadiq up front. If it doesn't work, we'll go to plan B and move Middleton to a central forward position. But really, I haven't a scooby.


Tavernier Goldson Worral Flanagan


Candeias Ejaria Arfield Kent


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I fancy us strongly, however I can't think who will play CF? think the easiest choice without changing the team around too much would be Grezda?.


I would like to see Middleton get a run out but putting him through the middle against the sheep thugs he would get assaulted every time the ball went near him! having said that he looks a strong lad and should be able to cope. Maybe Kent through the middle with Middleton wide?. 

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  • Frankie changed the title to [FT] Aberdeen 1 - 0 Rangers

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