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Carlos Pena leaves Rangers

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Sometimes you see what you want to see.


I opened Rangers Chat this morning and read the name of this thread as..... Carlos Pena retiring with immediate effect.


Took me about 2 seconds to focus properly and realise nothing had changed :facepalm:

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We might have no choice but to give him another chance but IF he is to return here now and he can't play until January then I doubt the lead will avoid his demons well enough over that period without playing.


The transfer was a huge risk and, hindsight or not, a stupid'y expensive one.

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1 minute ago, der Berliner said:

In SG & Co. I trust. There sure is a talented player in Pena, you hope he grabs this last chance.

He's let several go already.


Mexican pundits talked of a chance to re-establish himself when he first came to Scotland (saw a clip on FF)


Wasn't long and they would have been on the 'last chance' narrative when he went back to Mexico on loan, then the team he was on loan to, lent him to another, where he's now been sent back to Glasgow from.


If I were a bookie, I'd give you very generous odds if you think he'll turn it round now.



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The boy has to give up the booze, like Caniggia did, then he could be a player again but I doubt it. I know there have been a few great players who played with his condition, but not many. Possibly impossible in the modern game.

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