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Rangers have appealed Alfredo Morelos’ latest red card against Aberdeen

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Having watched it again and again he makes no deliberate movement. His foot is dragged up by McLean's then the movement down is in response to a boot in the face with Morelos extending his upper body away.


A yellow at worst. Will win and be rescinded easily once lawyers are involved. Clearly no intent to harm

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  • Frankie changed the title to Rangers have appealed Alfredo Morelos’ latest red card against Aberdeen

The two bit jakey McInnes (an entire magazine dodged there, I must say) has already prejudiced the appeal process, as have the shrill shills who pass themselves as journalists and pundits these days. These loudmouths have created a context within which it will be difficult for Morelos' case to be judged objectively and fairly. 



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4 hours ago, rbr said:

It's never a red in my honest opinion , as trublue states above , the action by Morelos is actually caused by Mckennas kick out .

If you take Morelos's actions on their own, there's no way anyone would suggest it's anything more than a yellow. He keeps his foot in, but doesn't "lash out" or make much contact to speak of.  It's only because McKenna reacted the way he did (tried to do a headstand so he could put his studs in Alfie's face) and got a red, that the ref felt the need to give Morelos one too.


I'm convinced that if McKenna hadn't reacted, no one would even be talking about this.

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8 minutes ago, ranger_syntax said:

I really hope this succeeds.


Imagine the torment among the afflicted!

After admittedly going on AFC Chat for a few minutes this morning I also really hope we’re ready to announce Shinnie on a Bosman in May too. Please. 

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