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Trial By Sportscene Must Be Challenged

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31 minutes ago, JFK-1 said:

Hard to say if the red card tally of Morelos may be detrimental to his value. There might be a chance I suppose that potential buyers could look at his incidents and decide it wouldn’t be red cards in their league.

I give you Diego Costa. 

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1 hour ago, Walterbear said:

He barged Alfie twice before Alfie responded if I’m not mistaken?

Yes I think you’re right, but from memory the second was far worse


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2 hours ago, DMAA said:

McKenna's reaction to this was probably the most psyochotic reaction to anything you're likely to see on a football pitch this season. But he's a lucky boy because Morelos was the recipient of his kung fu kick and that means his incredible retaliaton is ignored and Morelos is crucified for his minor offence. If McKenna's retaliation had been similarly minor there is absolutely no question it would have been two yellows.

Quite clear that McKenna is unable to cope mentally or physically with Morelos.


If Morelos would be a bit smarter then he would humiliate McKenna each and every time that they met.

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