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[FT] Rangers 0 - 0 St Johnstone

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2 hours ago, Gonzo79 said:

It looks like Gerrard has wasted a fair chunk of our funds on the likes of Grezda, Davis and Worrall.


Questions will have to be asked if he can't rectify his errors in the Summer.  

Grezda signed for a rather modest transfer fee.  He has also struggled with injuries.  Deciding if we've had a return on investment has some way to run yet.


I doubt that we have spent too much on Davis and Worrall.


Besides, if we get to the summer and people are still moaning about Davis then we can decline to sign him permanently. 

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Todays game in brief:-

A wasted afternoon shopping would probably been more entertaining.

Usual Sh*te referee.

Gutless display.

MOM Broomloan Road crossbar.

Possible bright light Kamara.

Sorry Under 17 squad lap of honour at 1/2 time well deserved.

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end sentence.
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3 hours ago, cooponthewing said:

On a side note; it was probably one of the most subdued atmospheres at Ibrox in a long time? Weird and eerily quiet today.

Many of us knew how it would play out.


I had little expectation of a goal in the second half.


Couldn't even make the effort to complain after that.

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We need somebody who can run into the box and strike the ball well enough to score on a regular basis to back up Morelos or Defoe. Candeias and Kent don't appear to be that type. Davis appeared to try and fill that role today but it didn't come off for him. Hopefully Arfield is fit for Wednesday as he's the nearest to what we need.


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There was little or no combination play on right and left. Morelos creates so much space for others to run in to and the others don’t serm capable. 


We lacked courage today in so many areas with the exception of Kent. A Warburton or Pedro team would have thrashed that lot today. The same line up should never be repeated. Hopefully we have learned that much. 

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16 minutes ago, ranger_syntax said:

I'm also under the impression that he cost ~£1m.


Forgive me for thinking that modest in the current market.

1) The Scottish Sun reports Rangers will pay around £2 million for Grezda, making him the Ibrox side's fifth most expensive recruit since their 2012 relegation, after Connor Goldson (£3.04 million*), Carlos Pena (£2.7 million*) Barisic (£2.22 million*) and Nikola Katic (£2.07 million*).

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At the end of the day, we have a lot of players but one stands out a mile as the creater and instigator of the majority of our good attacking play.  


We're not that far off catching the scum but we still have far too much mediocrity. 

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