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Graeme Shinnie

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Him and GMS (despite his pedigree) would sure improve our competitivness in the Premiership.


Generally though, what we need are players who can spring a suprise, play a killer pass and shoot from distance ... and prefereably not every other fortnight. Ever since our last year in the Championship have we had problems battering down teams which hide behind the half-way line with 8 to 9 men and double/triple up on our attackers. (Obviously, a change in tactics would help too.)


What annoys me this season is that after a while, we comply with the game Aberdeen or Killie "impose" upon us, i.e. scraping for the ball, heading and kicking the ball forward and leaving it to our centre-halfs to be creative. Instead of playing at least some cultured football.

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22 hours ago, 917 said:

I must be missing this Shinnie who plays left back. Is that his brother? The Aberdeen Shinnie is a combative central midfielder, somebody who might not let opponents bully and take the push the way our current midfielders do. We need leaders. I would take Shinnie, McKenna & Ferguson from the sheep. The fact Shinnie hasn’t announced who he’s signing for yet, only fuels rumours he has agreed a pre contract with us. But we’ll see.

After seeing the goals  they cost Scotland they would be lucky to sign for Albion Rovers.

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19 hours ago, Tannochsidebear said:

I'm all for giving our own youth players or young players brought in every chance to develop and grow into the jersey. Experienced professionals who come in from other Scottish clubs shouldn't need much. Someone like Shinnie who has been at Dolly for a while and has looked a bang average plodder in a very inconsistent (apart from v us) team isn't someone I would expect to see much improvement from, hence the reason I would rather take a pass on him in favour of a McCrorie, or another youth player getting a chance, or bringing in an experienced player who fits the criteria that SG & MA have laid out for incoming players, which surely will not be a match for Shinnie.


If we want to see a significant and immediate improvement to a level that can see us win the title next season, we'll need to find a large pot of gold that as it stands, doesn't appear to be there.


Take this immediate need (re.9/10IAR) out of the conversation for a moment and things aren't so bad. We are moving forward as a club, recovering the financials and developing the youth set-up. IMO the latter is the key to the club's chances of moving forward in a significant and financially secure way.



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