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McGregors timing was obviously well thought and a bit of a middle finger to the SFA.


As Scott says with his names (his generation before mine) - did the names in the past probably underachieve??


Even in Euro 96 Broon used to get a bit of grief for his selections (Gough and Robertson should have been starters) yet he got us to tournaments but we was always a bit of magic short.




Hendry Gough Weir


McNamara Ferguson Lambert Collins Robertson


Durie McCoist

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What a team. No players like that nowadays.


Going back a bit further there was a choice of three top class goal scoring centre forwards, Laurie Reilly, Willie Bauld and Willie Thornton plus, if needed, a pretty decent tradesman Paddy Buckley, all playing in Scottish football.


What did the selectors do? They picked Billy Houliston a rummle them upper but no great finisher. Yet he might be a better choice than any of the current squad.


Hope Bates plays a starring role. Should never have sold him.

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Baxter & Law’s generation didn’t ‘underachieve’ it was just harder back then. Only 16 teams qualified for the World Cup, only 4 for European Championship, no chances to run up caps & goals against yer Kazakhstan’s & San Marino as they weren’t even countries in those days..


I have no interest in these games as I don’t have Sky anymore & wont go out my way to watch them. Sad that Scotland have no top class players any more, even more worrying that no Rangers player is considered good enough for the squad. Neither side will achieve success until there are 3 or 4 regulars in both teams, in my view.

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Was there think it was because of Austrians bad behaviour and think it was after a guy called,Nemetch, had spat on a Scottish player.

Also remember a Scotland game V Brazil when Billy Bremner had a right set to with Pele.

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