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Is this Right-Wing Terrorism in New Zealand ?

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17 hours ago, compo said:

We should never ignore any kind of terrorism,  terrorists fight the cowards war .

At the root of most terrorist activity is a political goal/grievance/protest and it is often the case that any eventual solution is at a political level.


You can't ignore terrorism but IMO you've got to get to the root of genuine political grievance or questions in a just and timely manner. That said, each situation will be different and will probably be a very significant political challenge. 


I think the current Right-Wing Extremism is a case in point.

I wrote on FF years ago that some of the broad issues that Tommy Robinson was raising should have been listened to and properly considered instead of the general ridiculing and dismissal he received in the MSM. That isn't to say I agreed with everything he said but then I didn't live in Luton.


I'm not saying you could have completely nipped this in the bud but I'm sure that the whole situation could have been managed in a way to better cater for, control and contain the population as a whole, rather than bat for those with effective lobby groups.


There is very little political foresight, leadership or even competence in the UK and when you hit stormy waters that can often mean disaster of some kind. 





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16 minutes ago, craig said:

Of course it is BD.  The same type of trolling buster himself gets in a knot about when in the opposing direction :ninja:

Of course it is Craig  :facepalm:


Now do you have anything to say about the subject ?

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26 minutes ago, buster. said:

Of course it is Craig  :facepalm:


Now do you have anything to say about the subject ?

No, I don't.  My sympathies lay with the victims of such a heinous crime - my stance on that is the same regardless of the political beliefs of the perpetrators.  Always has been that way for me.



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