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A Legal System set-up for those at the Top.......

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...........to protect their wealth/power and insulate them from the same legal system that applies to the ordinary folk.



- Financial sector has an effective immunity no matter what they do and the repercussions it has.


- Three sellers of illegal devices from pirate streaming organisation jailed for defrauding Premier League
The operators of a pirate streaming organisation have today been jailed for a total of 17 years for conspiracy to defraud; some of the longest sentences ever issued for piracy-related crimes.



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17 hours ago, craig said:

Do you remove your tin foil hat each night before going to bed ?

Gunslinger mentions Charles Green in the post prior to yours,.........Perhaps a tin foil hat would have come in useful for you. 


But why not celebrate ignorance and mistaken judgements and give the excuse ..... 'how wis I tae know, he wis telling pure lies' (see your Paul Scholes thread logic) Some didn't need hindsight to see Green for what he was, simply employing a little gumption around what was out there (or in your terms, put on a tin foil hat).







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2 hours ago, craig said:

Yet another whoosh moment for you.  Becoming all too common.

No, it's either you don't understand or it's a predictable stock reply of yours, trying to save face.

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58 minutes ago, buster. said:

No, it's either you don't understand or it's a predictable stock reply of yours, trying to save face.



The "stock" is you blaming everything on the global elite.


What would I have to save face about ?  About light-heartedly poking fun at you for constantly blaming everything on the global elite ?  Not sure why I would feel the need to save face there..... but I am sure you will enlighten me given your pious "I know best" attitude.

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The point I made encompassed your opinion on the Paul Scholes thread, which links into your apparent refusal to see much wrong with how society is managed.


To summarise

I said that PS had made a bad judgement call and Bluedell and yourself contended that he simply wasn't to know because he had been given assurances and lied to.


I was saying generally that you shouldn't believe everything you are told and sometimes have to employ a little gumption on top of the due diligence so as to come up with the right decision. That it won't be 100% fail safe but it's a very necessary quality to have at any kind of level.


It links into this thread because whilst I question much of how society is managed you often seem to believe in/accept it and hence look to ridicule the point I was putting forward on this thread (without providing a counter argument).



I'll further explain  ...........


1. You said ......

"It’s that world of perfection, otherwise known as hindsight.

it amazes me how pious people can get when they have known information subsequent to an event and act as if they’d have acted differently."


I was throwing back the example of Charles Green to you.

I didn't need hindsight to see what he was about.

You seemed to be convinced by him and were fooled.

Maybe you could do with a tin foil hat.


In other words and it's not rocket science, employing a healthy scepticism is often the best way to go, not to simply believe all assurances you are given by whoever. 


To add

2. Bluedell said (Paul Scholes thread).....

"He was aware there were issues, was given assurances which turned out took be false and he walked away. I'm not sure why that's bad judgement. He's not a mind reader (unlike some, obviously)."


What that logic points towards is providing a ready made robotic excuse for bad judgement and/or acceptance of what you are told. When it is too far ingrained into people, they don't learn from mistakes, eg. Whyte then Green.




Returning exclusively to this threads subject.

I put forward that the Legal system isn't equal for all.

Do you think it is ?





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