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The Spring & Summer 2019 Transfer Rumours Thread

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2 hours ago, Gonzo79 said:

That transfer fee would've been better spent further up the pitch.  We don't need great defenders against 10 man defences.

Arguably we do need great defenders specifically against the yahoos which is a 6 pointer each time we play them in the league. Last season we scored 5 more goals than they did but conceded 7 more than they did.

Squeezing each such margin could be the key to taking us to the title. If we can score as many goals this season as we did last and perhaps even more while reducing goals conceded then at a bare minimum we should be looking at leaving the also rans trailing in our wake right from day one. 


Plus if we make the EL groups while I want the league to get priority improving our co-efficient can be conducive to avoiding a big gun in the qualifying rounds and especially so if we're looking at CL qualification. 


At the end of the day improving the quality in any area of the field can only improve our chances and I believe there will also be another striker before this window closes. 


There can be no doubting the board are Rangers men to the core and I feel they have decided this season is make or break as far as stopping 10iar is concerned. I myself tend to feel that if we don't do it this season it might slip from our grasp.

I'm becoming ever more confident it is achievable this season. A lot more so than I was at the end of last season. We have quality all over the pitch of a standard high enough to eclipse sheep, hubz etc and I feel at least match the yahoos. 

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In the zany world of Scottish football the yahoos appear to be more obsessed with our current signing activities then even we are. Of course much of their obsession invariably ends up at the same tired old place. "but they're skint"

I can almost literally smell the fear. How glorious if we put them back in their place while "skint"

Speaking of finances I'm hoping they fail to reach the CL groups again this season. That would leave them with an ever diminishing ability to outspend us and could very well result in some major belt tightening.

As for the others they're mostly gradually accepting the reality that we have moved on to higher ground they can never reach and that the only potential for them league wise is 3rd. All aside from a few head in sand sheep types who remain under the delusion that they're at least top two.

I suspect this season may spell a final end to that particular delusion.

An example of that sheep delusion I stumbled across recently on a post titled 'Will We Ever Have A Better Shot At The League?'



I'll get straight to the point. With a bit of investment in the team, and a decent rub of the green, I feel we now have the best chance in years of winning the league.


Killie have lost Clarke; Rangers have pigshit-thick hubcap-pilferer Gerrard; and Celtic have inexplicably appointed an alkie Hibs reject with anger-management issues. Leaving us - by default - with the best manager in the SPFL. I know, I know, but it's true...


Am I alone in thinking we now have a genuine shot at the thing?

That deluded. The best shot they had at the thing was during the period we weren't in it and that chance will never return.

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5 hours ago, craig said:

My kid has trained with Cammy with Kevin Thomson and says he is a genuinely good kid.  When he showed up he introduced himself to everyone and shook their hands and tried to help them too.

Comes across as a likeable guy with leadership skills

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3 minutes ago, alexscottislegend said:

What? Has he actually signed?

No, not yet anyway (and unlikely to do so unless at least one of Tav and/or Morelos leave).

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5 hours ago, alexscottislegend said:

What? Has he actually signed?


5 hours ago, Frankie said:

No, not yet anyway (and unlikely to do so unless at least one of Tav and/or Morelos leave).

Derek Clark is a Rangers fan, he’s just referring to the rumour nothing serious 

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