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The Spring & Summer 2019 Transfer Rumours Thread

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According to Corriere dello Sport, Claudio Marchisio is close to signing with Scotland's Rangers. The 33-year-old Italian midfielder was close to signing with Monaco, but last-minute contract details prevented the deal.


via sregnar from FF post 213.


Seemingly out after a knee-operation ... https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/claudio-marchisio/profil/spieler/44716

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The mainstream started picking up on this in the past 24 hours or so after it had been flowing around at the likes of football insider for a few days. It would now appear to now have some credibility though obviously carries some risk.




We can presume Gerrard etc know a lot more than that about the result so if we sign him he could be a top quality addition. I get the feeling that all this unexpected late activity involving substantial sums of money suggests that Gerrard and the board are going all out to take that title this season not next.


On transfermarkt he's listed as dual purpose beiung either defensive or attacking midfielder.

Guessing game as to who would make way for him. Can't be Aribo, he's going to be a great player and has to continue developing as a regular starter.

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A really strange link from the off that made no sense at all. We've already got 8 centre mids if you include Halliday and Polster. And he can have all the flair in the world but given the fact he hasn't played regular football in years I'm not sure you'd want him in the trenches of the Scottish game with you in a tough physical away tie. I think we've learned from Kranjcar.

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10 hours ago, ian1964 said:


I'm pleased for him.  He's  still a good player who has been so unlucky with injuries.  I hope it's works out well for him there and he makes the most of the end of his playing days.  Good luck GD.

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