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The Spring & Summer 2019 Transfer Rumours Thread

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22 minutes ago, buster. said:

Defoe has a contract with Bournemouth.


Sturridge should struggle to get a really big money contract anywhere unless it's weighted towards a pay for play clause.

Anyone wanting to part with say 60K per week for Sturridge deserves all that is (not) coming.



An English club could easily offer Sturridge £80k a week without thinking about it.

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20 hours ago, craig said:

You are ignoring that we have an additional 7 players that we have signed, 6 if you exclude Davis.  The saved wages you mention above have probably already been eaten up by the new signings.

I would be amazed if Jones, Hastie, Davis, Stewart, Edmundson and Aribo are on the same as them.

Kent is away back to Liverpool and Worrall to Forrest and we have brought Ojo in. I thought Wallace, Herrera, Rossiter and Dorrans were on a hefty wedge.

Are we still thinking we are going to be spending a decent amount of money on transfers.

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1 hour ago, Dave M609 said:

What the hell is Warburton doing at QPR, Barrie McKay now

Clearly, he's still determined to do "Plan A" better.  I hadn't appreciated that he meant with the same players too though.  😂 

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Barrie McKay was superb under Warburton, he's able to get the best out of him, that's a good move for QPR and the player. 

Personally I hope it works out for Warburton and all the ex-Rangers players at QPR. For various reasons it didn't work out for Warburton with us, but he got us up playing very watchable football and gave me one of my most enjoyable ever matches that day at Hampden. Good luck to him. 

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