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Clyde/McCoist sandbagging Morelos value

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54 minutes ago, buster. said:

A few months ago I mentioned that Morelos could one day work with Simeone because he is the Argentinians type of player.


If that were true and Simeone/AM have had enough of Costa then there is no way they'd be in the market for a player like Morelos.

Alfredo has been sent off more times this season than Costa has been in the last 6 seasons or more.


I was watching the Barca v Atletico game and talk about a parrallel.

Second visiting first, a good number of points behind and absolute necessity of a win for them to preserve any title hopes.

After about half an hour, their centre forward gets sent off for an off the ball incident (dissent).

2nd placed team go on to battle bravely and are beaten late in the game.


I do not believe that AM is anywhere near as high maintenance as Diego Costa. 


In Scottish Fitba', Morelos suffers from the old cliche, 'give a dog a bad name'.....in his case a poor reputation, assiduously and self righteously cultivated by press and broadcast media, and others. 

Another commonplace is that 'player X gave the official a decision to make'. 


Put these together, and we have The Alfredo Variation: he gives the official the opportunity to make a decision against him/Rangers. 

Of course, he needs to temper his temperament, but, mark you, he had no such "disciplinary problems" when playing in Finland.





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Stop Press:

Diego Costa has received an eight (8) game ban for grabbing the referee by the arm, and insulting the official's mother. 

Apparently, four (4) games for each offence. 


Maybe he insulted the Whistler's Mother, because nobody knew who his father was. 

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So say 4 games for grabbing or verbally abusing a ref. To my mind referees should indeed have that level of protection but Alfie gets 4 games for doing little to nothing to broonaldo who deserves nothing but an actual dooing.

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Alfredo's transgressions are overvalued.

The reasons for this are, primarily, that he is good, and that he plays for Rangers.

If I was to be scrupulously fair, I might add that there are damned few, if any, other players in Scotland worth talking about. 


The Guardian's daily football email, The Fiver, has the following to say re: Diego Costa, a bam of huge stature.....


Take Diego Costa, for example. No, take him. With the possible exception of those times he stamped on Emre Can, repeatedly slapped Laurent Koscielny, wiped his feet on Martin Skrtel’s chest, appeared to gob in the direction of referee Michael Oliver, played a central role in a mass brawl against Tottenham, flattened Adrián with a late challenge and fell out with Antonio Conte over a text message, the Spain international spent a tranquil, uneventful and largely successful few years at Chelsea, but appears to have developed something of an irritable streak since re-signing for Atlético Madrid.

In defeat against Barcelona last Saturday, he complained in the strongest possible terms about a decision made by referee Jesús Gil Manzano that displeased him and was red-carded for repeatedly manhandling the official while simultaneously traducing his mother using the kind of language that is thoroughly unsuitable for a family football email and would make even the most potty-mouthed docker blush. Sadly for him, Diego’s defence – that he was in fact shouting at himself and therefore technically sullying the good name of his own dear mum – fell on deaf ears and he today received an extended ban of eight games which rules him out for the rest of the domestic season. He’ll serve four matches on the Naughty Step for grabbing the official and another four for his profanity, presumably to be served in which ever order he sees fit.....



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I tend to compare Morelos with Mario Bolotelli, a player of undoubted talent but extremely suspect temperament. Morelos has a way to go in his development i.e. can he reach Balotelli's achievements but like Ballotelli I cannot see him changing his ways. 

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