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VanguardBears are to join protests against Glasgow City Council

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It's amazing how many people didn't like me saying you can't vote SNP and be a Rangers supporter. Amazing because I've never actually said that.


What I have said is that there is a natural incompatibility between the two. This is hardly a secret, with SNP using every opportunity to disadvantage Rangers. It's not difficult to overcome this incompatibility of course and many do just that, the fact there are clearly Rangers fans who vote SNP is obvious evidence of this. But it takes compromise to accommodate two diametrically opposed views. You can pretend there is no conflict, when there clearly is. Or you can take the view one is simply more important than the other. What you can't do is be honest AND lend wholehearted support to both.


If you're in this unfortunate situation, it's entirely your own business how you reconcile it with your conscience but at least make some effort to admit the basic truth.


There are a number of members and many in the wider Rangers support who DO refuse to criticise the SNP when it disadvantages Rangers, which is proof enough for me that what I've said is true The near-hysterical response to my earlier post from predictable directions only reinforces that view.

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Many of the comments on this thread show that where Rangers sit in your list of priorities in life determines the likelihood of you voting SNP.


Makes sense.  


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