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Bluebear54's GPL 2018/19 Feedback

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Many thanks for taking part this season. 


I have noticed we had fewer participants this season than normal. Poor results always cause a decrease in participation, but I don't think results have been too bad--other than a bad period at the turn of the year, where we went 4-5 games on the bounce with very few points scored!


There's no international tournament this summer, so this is a perfect time to have a little discussion about the state the the GPL. 


What I want to know is: what are we getting right with the GPL, and what are we getting wrong? Can we make any improvements? Is the point scoring still acceptable? Do you like how I break down the points scored? Is the points table clear? etc.


Any feedback would be great. 


Finally, I'm fascinated by the stats. I have a spreadsheet with all the points picked up over the season, broken down by game, month, CR, CRG, FGS, CS etc. I thought it would be fun to pick out a few key performers -- An end-of season awards ceremony, of sorts!


Most Correct Results: compo, Cooponthewing and Yorkie Bear collected 35 Correct Results, but Onevision was actually the most clinical, picking up 33 Correct Results in his 55 games played (60%). 


Most Correct Number of Rangers Goals: Rousseau picked up the most with 18 CRG. 


Most First Goal Scorer: ranger-syntax was well in front, picking up 17, which is almost 27% of the time r_s picked the correct FGS, with the rest of us were struggling to hit over 20%. 


Most Correct Scores: buster and Franc Ergs were joint top, with 8 Correct Scores each. 


Most Clinical (in converting a Correct Result into a Correct Score): No surprise buster leads with a 26% conversion rate. Bluedell, Franc Ergs and BEARGER were not too far off at around 20%. BlackSocksRedTops was actually very high at 25%, but only played 24 games.


Most Full Points: Coop, buster and Franc Ergs each collected 2 full-point rounds. 


Most points from Europe: We played 14 games in Europe, with Lenny picking up the most with 25 points, and Franc Ergs a close second with 22.   


Most Points-per-game (ppg): Obviously, buster had the most at 1.62 ppg, but ranger_syntax and Coop finished with 1.43 ppg, 


Special Mention: Scott7 only played one game this season, but picked up the full 7 points! Clearly his skills are wasted on the amateur Premier League prediction thread. :D 

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I like the format and everything is clear enough.  I sometimes forget to make my prediction but there's nothing you can do fix my problem of getting old.


I'm looking forward to it next season, but I'm going to have to predict more from the head rather than the heart next time around.

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25 minutes ago, Rousseau said:

Most points from Europe: We played 14 games in Europe, with Lenny picking up the most with 25 points, and Franc Ergs a close second with 22. 

Clearly i'm a continental player and only show up in Europe ;)


On feedback, i actually really like it the way it is and have no complaints

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Got to laugh at Scott's one-off 7 point springtime appearance then leave us mere mortals to get on with it :D


I'd suggest a handicap of -5 points for you Rousseau, given that your sterling work probably makes you the only ever present...:thup:


Seriously, if it's not broke, better not to tinker with it much.


Given it's a predictor, it's probably fitting that a winner is top of the correct scores and the 3 extra points are about right.

I like the FGS feature and 2 points on offer helps fuel hopes of comebacks.

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System runs really well but maybe could introduce a secondary FGS with the rotation of players a some might be like me  may only have a desk top PC and unable to change first goal scorer if have already left for the game.

Have had good fun playing and look forward to next season many thanks.

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1 hour ago, ranger_syntax said:

@Rousseau May I suggest dropping 'correct number of Rangers goals' and trying 'margin of victory/defeat' instead?

But that's where I pick up my points! :D 


Sounds tricky to implement. 

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