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[FT] Rangers 6 - 0 St Joseph's (Aribo 3; Morelos 45+1, 57pen, 66; Defoe 77, 87)

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This pre season is going so well I’m becoming a shade nervous given all the disappointments we have suffered the past few years. Absolutely everything appears to be falling into place without a single hitch.

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  • Frankie changed the title to [Pre-match] Rangers v St Joseph's
  • Frankie changed the title to Rangers 1 - 0 St Joseph's (Aribo 3)
  • Frankie changed the title to [HT] Rangers 2 - 0 St Joseph's (Aribo 3; Morelos 45+1)

Decent first half.  Lots of the ball and some really nice passing moves but difficult up against a team sitting so deep.  We have passed up a couple of other good chances as well with Hastie being guilty of not finishing the Gibraltar team off.


You'd have to think more space will arrive in the second half though and hopefully we'll see a few more goals after half-time.


Impressed with Aribo and Docherty so far.  

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Two up, but really should be 4 or 5.


Hastie looks good but he's trying to hard and he's making mistakes with his decision making.

Aribo is everywhere and just looks class.  I don't think he's got into second gear yet.

Pollster and Stewart are linking well and both look like they're going to compete for places.

Edmundson does not look like a young player.  He's huge, solid, and a great passer too.  I'm really excited at how good a prospect he looks.  In fact picking a centre back,pairing is going to be so tough.

Maybe I'm reading him incorrectly but Morelos seemed to imply he's staying after he scored.  He does something similar normally but this time it seemed more pronounced.

Kamara looks a little bit too relaxed and will have to sharpen up, but oozes class when he's on it.

Doc looks like he really wants a first team spot and in this showing he might just get one.


This game has 8-0 written all over it.  Glad that was my prediction!

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Progres have scored, lost 1-2 but still go through 3-2 on average. Hope we slaughter them this time about.


Hastie looks a bit like Kent early on, when he tried to hard and a few things didn`t come off. Only noted now that Jones ain`t even on the bench. Maybe a chance for McPake to shine.

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  • Frankie changed the title to [FT] Rangers 6 - 0 St Joseph's (Aribo 3; Morelos 45+1, 57pen, 66; Defoe 77, 87)

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