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[FT] Rangers 2 - 0 Progrès (Aribo 20; Ojo 53)

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I'm so pleased that Gerrard is playing our strongest team.This first eleven has proven itself to be the sharpest in pre season so they deserve to be on the pitch.  That should serve as a warning to those who have been lacking focus or concentration.  Defoe is the only one who could reasonably expect to be on the pitch and isn't.

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  • Frankie changed the title to Rangers 1 - 0 Progrès (Aribo 20)
  • Frankie changed the title to [HT] Rangers 1 - 0 Progrès (Aribo 20)

Some of our play is excellent.  Progres look shattered already so I hope we can take advantage in the second half.


Aribo is unbelievably talented and I still can't believe we've got this guy.

Edmundson looks an incredible signing.  Is he possibly the best passer in our team?

Davis is the puppet master and is a pleasure to watch.


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Very good first half with our lack of goals the only disappointment.


Lots of good individual performances with Goldson, Edmundson, Jack and Davis all showing up very well so far but Joe Aribo has stolen the show and looks a real find.


Unfortunately, like last season at times, our decision-making in and around the box has let us down whilst Arfield looks a wee bit short of sharpness for me.  Tav's not having as good a game either and we need a wee bit more from Ojo.  


We really should be 2 or 3 up but hopefully those goals will come after the break so we can kill the tie before we travel next week.

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A bit of a strange half, Gerrard is clearly impressing on the players that he wants to see urgency. You can see urgency in the way we’re moving the ball and yet we are struggling to penetrate them.


A few observations on some of the players, Edmundson looks brilliant again. He currently looks a first pick to me. Strange to say that but he is aggressive, rapid and passes the ball like his gaffer. It’s not happening for Ojo. I’m not sure if he’s just not totally comfortable with playing centrally yet but he has been ineffectual really. Aribo has been excellent again. Wins the ball back, has great technique carrying the ball and the finish was quality. The behind the goal camera showed how good it was. Morelos is having a poor game. He’s like this a lot though, poor passing and ball retention but then he’ll score. I have to say I much prefer Defoe as a player just now. 


I’d like to see Defoe, Stewart and Barisic get a game but I think it’s more likely Jones will come on, he seems to be getting more game time. 

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Standouts for me have been Edmundson, Jack, Davis, Halliday and Aribo. Ojo, Tav and Goldson haven't offered much. The ball all ways seems to end up with Goldson to spring the diagonal when Edmundson has a far better range of passing. Its frustrating to see big Connor just kick the ball back to their keeper more often than not.

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  • Frankie changed the title to [FT] Rangers 2 - 0 Progrès (Aribo 20; Ojo 53)

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