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6 minutes ago, MacK1950 said:

Was it a return or is she going to sail back?🤡

I imagine there aren't enough seasick pills in the world to make her ever get back on that boat.


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I'm starting to think Caroline Lucas is actually some kind of parody.




"Green Party MP Caroline Lucas has complained to Twitter over a tweet by Brexit campaigner Arron Banks aimed at climate change activist Greta Thunberg.

On Wednesday, Mr Banks referred to Ms Thunberg's sea voyage across the Atlantic and tweeted: "Freak yachting accidents do happen in August..."

Ms Thunberg, who chooses not to fly, is sailing from the UK to attend UN climate summits in New York and Chile.

Ms Lucas said she reported his comment, while Mr Banks said it was a joke.

"Arron Banks' vile tweet about @GretaThunberg makes me sick to the stomach," Ms Lucas wrote on Twitter on Thursday morning.

"I have made a formal complaint to Twitter.""

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1 minute ago, BEARGER said:
At around Greta's age Alexander was subduing Thrace and crushing the Illyrians. Joan scattered the English at Orleans. Prince Hal hunted Glyndwr across Wales. It's our aged society that is unusual. Not Greta.

So when is she going to stop the posturing on multimillion pound yachts and pick up some plastic bottles?

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1 minute ago, BlackSocksRedTops said:

Middle aged men getting their collective knickers in a twist about the actions of a 14 year old girl. Odd

Th only one whose underwear seems in disarray ... is you dear boy. Is she 14?

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1 minute ago, Scott7 said:

What has this child done or said that hasn’t been done or said before?

Nothing of course but what’s much more in question is the identity of those who are orchestrating her every move and how much money they are making out of their little asset 😉

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