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Betfred Cup: Livingston vs Rangers

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Anyway the point I was trying to make was that all 3 domestic trophies should be a priority - we have the squad to push for all 3 plus the group stages of the EL.  Starting with the League Cup - cannot deprioritize that. I’m of the opinion that winning that would turn the tide and of course ending their run that has gone on far too long. We’re the only team capable of doing that and it has to be done as soon as possible. 

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33 minutes ago, Gonzo79 said:

I'm of the opinion we need to win every league match and all else is a bonus.


Popcorn teeth's yahoo side won't win both cups - no chance.



I think they won’t win anything. Treble for us and Final of the Europa league! Not sure if we will win it though....?😱

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Has to be a wad of changes to give players match time and perhaps even a change of system as a Plan B - Try 3 at the back?


I quite like League Cup on weekends, it was something I said years ago during a discussion with Calscot that they could make the top flight 16 or 18 teams which is 30 or 34 games and the other weekends play the League Cup. Half is done, would be good to get 18 team top flight.


Its the 4th trophy on the agenda this cup however winning it is obviously easier than the Europa would be but getting into the Europa League for financial reasons is a higher priority again this season but come the latter rounds after Europa League Qualification thats when the strongest team can be fielded but with all due respect any team we put out should still win easily at East Fife. 


Not sure on Andy King fitness but Id throw him in if he is ready. 

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30 minutes ago, les186 said:

Go for a strong team. This game is not a walkover. A strong team means players who have played together.

Well the gaffer has already said he’ll be giving guys chances and mixing it up. I would say Foderingham, Helander, Edmundson, Halliday, Docherty, Stewart and Jones will all be in contention for a start. I would guess there will be 5-6 changes and I think that’s appropriate. 

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