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Lafferty speaks out on Rangers exit

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KYLE LAFFERTY has revealed his regret after being axed by Steven Gerrard in his second spell at Ibrox.

The Northern Irish striker left the Light Blues after being told he was surplus to requirements by Gerrard.

Lafferty admitted his attitude towards training played a role in his untimely exit from Ibrox.

But Lafferty holds no ill-feeling towards his former boss as he seeks a new club.

He told the Daily Record: "Steven had his view on me as a player and you don’t want to be told by any manager at any club that they are going down a different route and you won’t be needed next season.

“He was straight with me and told me I wouldn’t be anywhere near the first team. No matter who you are or who you play with, that’s hard to hear.

"But if it’s with the team you grew up with and the team you support then it’s a hammer-blow.

"You want to be part of a Rangers side which wins the league and you want to make an impression and I was gutted not to be able to do that.

“I would have liked to be asked to do more, to have had more game time but that was down to the manager.

“He watched me every day in training and I will be the first to hold my hand up and admit I’m not the best trainer.

“My performances in training and in games are night and day.

“The manager has judged me in training and clearly that’s prevented me getting more games. The reality now is that I won’t wear that blue jersey again or play for that incredible support and it’s a horrible feeling.

“I’m just scunnered that I’ve had to leave without saying goodbye to those fans who have been great with me.

“When I joined Rangers from Hearts last summer I took a pay cut and planned to finish my career there.

“Things change at all clubs but it’s been difficult, the manager had his opinion and we will agree to disagree on that.

“There were times when I felt I could have done more but getting a few minutes here and there at the end of a game isn’t ideal. If I had been given more opportunities and failed then I’d have said, ‘fair enough, okay.’

“I felt when I was coming on for half an hour at the end of games and dong well and helping the team to go on and win games. I’m not gong to sit here and be bitter and claim I wasn’t given opportunities.”

Despite leaving the club for a second time, Lafferty insists it has not tarnished his love for the Gers.

He added: “It’s hard to know I didn’t get the chance to say goodbye. Before the last home game of last season I was taken aside by the manager and told I wouldn’t be needed. I wasn’t what the team wanted or needed.

“It was after our final game at Ibrox against Celtic that I was walking around the pitch for the last time with my wife and daughter and my wife could see I was clearly emotional.

“It was hard to take but you just have to take it on the chin.

“So to be shown the door after one year is painful. I need now to to move on. Do I regret going back to Rangers?

“Not for one second, I’m still going to support them and go to games. That love won’t ever leave me.

“I will now be back to being a fan and go to games with my wife and daughter, that’s what I’m excited about.”


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Posted (edited)

I noted one particular point from his statement ... "my performances in training and in games are night and day". This suggests that (like many other lazy players) he knew his training performances were lazy or poor, but expected the manager to play him on the promise that he'd do better in games.  I've never liked Lafferty and I'm so glad he's gone, along with that poor attitude of his.

Edited by Gaffer

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I like Lafferty if he can screw the nut. 


We clearly thought he'd turned a corner but he admits in the interview he let himself down and some of the other stupidity he got up to when he re-signed is why he is gone.

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Good player first time around but he was on the treatment table a lot and the club backed him. Wrong move to bring him back for a second spell. He isnt all there in the head sometimes.

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I wonder how the red tops will twist this to make Gerrard out to be the bad guy. 

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