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Glasgow Tory councillor shares concerns about hunger strikers rally

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ANXIOUS east end residents have raised concerns with their local councillor about an upcoming political rally to commemorate the 1981 hunger strikers.

Cairde na hÉireann, which represents the Irish community, is hosting the National Hunger Strike Commemoration 2019 this Friday, August 16 at Barrowland Park from 7pm onwards.

They will be remembering those who died in the hunger strikes almost 40 years ago.

But Calton councillor Robert Connelly says he has been flooded with emails from locals who are concerned for their safety.

Councillor Connelly said: “I am concerned about public safety as tensions in the area have been rising since this event was announced.

“I have raised these concerns with council officers but that doesn’t seem to have been taken into account.

“On Friday they will be remembering a dozen Sinn Féin supporters who volunteered their services with the IRA and died in prison during the 1980s.”

Cairde na hÉireann was founded in 2004 and their goal is to achieve a united Ireland.

They say: “In Scotland there is huge potential for Irish republicans. It is our responsibility to turn that passive support into political strength.”

Glasgow City Council spokesman said: ”Cairde na hÉireann applied for permission to use Barrowland Park for a political rally on August 16 between 6.30-8.30pm. This permission was given on July 9 after statutory consultation with Police Scotland.”

Police Scotland confirmed that the event would be policed appropriately.


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I hope there are suitable snacks and refreshments made available for all participants of this rally.  

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An Irish republican flute band has been allowed to take part in a march in Glasgow next month despite police concerns about protests.

Concerns were raised by Police Scotland over the Sean McIlvenna Republican Flute Band taking part in two parades in the coming weeks.

However, it will not take part in another parade a week earlier.

At a meeting of Glasgow City Council's Public Processions Committee it was agreed by the James Connolly Flute Band that the band in question would not be present at its Irish Unity Parade on August 30.

However, Cairde-Na-Herieann (Calton Republicans) did not agree to the removal of the band from a parade is is organising the following week.

It did agree to a re-routing away from St Mary’s Church and a shorter route amid concerns about a protest but said there was no justification for putting the Sean McIlvenna band off the road.

The concerns stemmed from a facebook post on the band's website after disruption at a parade in July.


Screenshots of the Facebook post by the Sean McIlvenna Republican Flute Band had been handed to police following disruption at a procession in July.

Police said the post - which states "we are a IRA BAND NAMED AFTER A IRA VOLUNTEER" - shows "overt" support for a proscribed terrorist organisation.

Organiser, Francis McAdam, told the committee the band has marched for 20 years and it was “ludicrous” to ban them after one facebook post which is still under investigation by the police.

He said hundreds of people could access the log in details and the ban has stated it was not a ban member who made the post in question.

Police Scotland had requested Glasgow City Council's public processions committee stop the band taking part in the two upcoming processions - an Irish Unity March, organised by the James Connolly Republican Flute Band, on Friday, August 30 and an International Brigade Commemoration, planned by Cairde Na Heireann (Calton Republicans), on Saturday, September 7.

It also wanted the September parade to be re-routed away from two churches.

Police said more than 200 officers would be needed to deal with the September 7 procession due to rising tensions around St Alphonsus and St Mary's churches in Calton if the council do not order it to be re-routed.


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