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Ongoing issues with UEFA (two sanctions and counting)

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24 minutes ago, craig said:

Some fans just don't get it and want their "freedom of expression" and couldn't give two shits whether it harms the club or not.


We are the world's worst set of fans in terms of self harm.  Will we EVER learn ??

Once the cheap wine takes over they become heroes 

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1 minute ago, Gonzo79 said:

Where's that list of songs then?


And did FARE/UEFA see the yahoos' "****** Army" banner?

That was in an SPFL match but it won't be long before that organisation follows UEFA and offers us sanctions.

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Check out this clarification on fen!an from UEFA with regard to banners from Ajax in the recent past:




Now we can argue the rights and wrongs of the games being played here but the line has been drawn so if fans cross it then UEFA will take action.

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So the front of the Broomie will be shut next week. It say the shut area has to be where the offending singing takes place, so the Union Bears will be the area to miss out. Anywhere else just doesnt make sense.


What we must do is get recordings of the bheasts games, get reporting all offensive singing at the match, and get it reported to UEFA. Club 1872 MUST be at the forefront of this, if they do nothing in this regard they would be as well disbanding right now.


There is absolutely no doubt this is bheast led, the corridors of Power that Lawwell walks both domestically and in UEFA will have seen to this negative publicity, and just watch BBC Scotland got to town on this. I expect it to be first lead item on the national news at 6, 10, and all throughout tomorrow. The only way they will back off is when they see that we can get them done equally. Sadly we refuse to learn our own lessons, but if it wasnt TBB, they would create an interpretation of something else.


It is also absolutely without doubt been stage-managed to coincide with our toughest and most important home game of the season (under UEFA). The impact of bringing this out last week when we were already well ahead in the tie against the Danes would not have been felt as severely. Only tims would be aware of this.


I am absolutely disgusted, both with the wee arseholes who continue to get Buckfasted up and think they can sing what they like, thinking they are Ultras and the like, but also with us as a club sleep-walking into this again, just like in 2010. We should be fighting this with everything we have by showing that in Scotland there is a culture of 90 minute bigots which is not sectarian in the truest form, but rivalry and taunting. Show exactly what we have to listen to from the stands of our rivals, not to mention the effergies, KAH banners etc, and not under any circumstances accept anything FARE has to say while Power is part of it as it cannot show a balanced or unbiased attitude towards us as he himself is a sectarian bigot.

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10 minutes ago, Frankie said:

Use the word fen!an and UEFA will censure the club.


We've been warned previously for it, now had a section of a stand closed, next the whole stadium will be closed and a huge fine dished out before we'll then be thrown out their competition.


It's not difficult to understand and playing funny buggers doesn't wash.

Some fans merely want to act the smartarse to try to show their intellectual superiority - it's nonsense of course.  These same people will say they are staunch, at the same time as financially harming the club they profess to love.


Rangers fans, wha's like us ?

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4 minutes ago, Tannochsidebear said:

just watch BBC Scotland got to town on this. I expect it to be first lead item on the national news at 6, 10, and all throughout tomorrow

We barely make it onto the BBC Football page these days, when we win a game it's below women's football stories. Right now we are right at the top of both BBC Sport and BBC Football.

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So what's the answer if it's one section of one stand do the board rescind every season ticket and fill it with supporters from the waiting list  no doubt the green brigade will be gloating and flying their politically charged banners we just cant win .

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