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Ongoing issues with UEFA (two sanctions and counting)

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36 minutes ago, 917 said:

Yes, although as the ‘offence’ was at an away game I think an away ban would have been more ‘appropriate.’


I do think we should close a different section this time though. Can’t blame this charge on the UBs. Also the club should drop the self-imposed travel ban for the 1st game.

I suspect that the voluntary travel ban was part of a compromise reached with UEFA.

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1 hour ago, cooponthewing said:


53 minutes ago, craig said:

If that's so it isn't that bad of a result in all honesty.

Think we will have used up any available leniency.

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58 minutes ago, 917 said:

Well well, what to make of this?? Could the ‘freelancer’ be anything to with Hollicom?? That mob are losing credibility if they are, between this & the ‘Hammarby infiltration’ nonsense. Rangers should demand to know who the lying freelancer is.

What makes you think he is lying rather than misinformed?

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