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Ongoing issues with UEFA (two sanctions and counting)

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11 hours ago, the gunslinger said:

Is it all that silly?

I should have chosen my words more carefully to avoid any misinterpretation.


It it extremely silly.

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On 29/08/2019 at 12:18, pete said:

Fare are targeting Rangers because we are walking round with a huge target on our backs. We are making it simple for them to target us. Celtic were called out about the Lee Rigby song and I believe people were arrested for singing that so it is not totally one sided. I have no idea about Celtic songs or Irish freedom songs. In fact I only hear about them on Rangers websites.

Id suggest Pete, very time one of those banned songs gets an airing, anywhere, it provides FARE an opportunity to come after us under the umbrella of "Intelligence led Policing". We have the uncanny knack of making that target bigger for them.

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On 30/08/2019 at 15:04, BEARGER said:

3000 sears empty for next game also after 2nd guilty verdict.

Heard FARE was in Elder Park on Friday HELP🙄☠️:roflmao2:

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