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Ongoing issues with UEFA (two sanctions and counting)

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Uefa's disciplinary regulations state Rangers could face a euro 50,000 fine and the prospect of playing a tie behind closed doors if there is a further breach.

A closed doors tie could cost us a million pounds.

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6 minutes ago, forlanssister said:

I imagine that's where the naughty song emanated from, it usually is.

I don't think that is fair, I've heard the whole stadium sing these songs, as have you and every other Rangers fan attending Ibrox

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1 minute ago, forlanssister said:

The fact is it emanated from BF1as it does virtually every week to suggest otherwise is nonsensical.

FS is right here. It’s always BF1 TBB and SR come from. We need to cut this out now. I have heard others periodically but it’s mainly BF1.


The time for our action against  others who are antagonising the situation is later, we need this immediately stopped before they have more excuses. 

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Robert Marshall

Well-Known Member
22 minutes ago
Now is the line in the sand, anyone who sings about the Pope, ******s, IRA, Catholics, any sectarian references are now officially harming our Club.
The message from Rangers is quite simple ' Stay away, you are not wanted,'
This has been coming for years and some of our fans have given it I will sing what I want'
Well now you know Officially Rangers don't want you and I think the vast majority of the fans agree with The Club, If you want to sing these songs then do it where Rangers, or anyone else, does not get hassle for it.
You are allowed to think and sing what you want but not in Ibrox or any Public Arena.
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