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[FT] Rangers 1 - 0 Legia (Morelos 90+1)

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Our heros of the night ... interestingly enough, according to the BBC, Jones provided the assist with a header ...


GOAL Rangers 1-0 Legia Warsaw

Alfredo Morelos

The breakthrough! Ibrox erupts and Alfredo Morelos is mobbed by joyful team-mates after nodding home a Jordan Jones header at the back post.



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A well deserved win.


Yes, we lost our way for periods in the game but we were the better team for most of the game and that late goal is priceless.


Some good performances as well: I thought Jack and Davis dominated the midfield whilst defensively we were again very good with Katic a deserved man of the match.



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1 hour ago, DMAA said:

Maybe I’m the only one but bar a couple of decisions I think this ref is the best we’ve had in Europe since we’ve been back. Yes he’s given a couple but there have been plenty he hasn’t given that other European refs would have given in a heartbeat, and he actually let the game flow too and kept his cards in his pocket. 

I agree.  Bar the terrible decision to pull play back when Tav was through I think he did okay.  Yes he was fussy but that's European football.   A Scottish referee may have sent Morelos off as well.

We also had our share of decisions going our way.  


Anyway; a well deserved win in what was a tough challenge.   Always dodgy 0-0 away first game.  Came through it again though, was thinking before the game how similar it was to when we played Maritimo and Red Star but I didn't want to tempt fate.  😉

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