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[FT] Rangers 0 - 2 Celtic

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3 minutes ago, 917 said:

I think Davis keeps trying to walk the ball into the net as he doesn’t have the legs to beat players any more. Again you have to ask why he is being asked to play 2 games a week at his age. And I have watched every Rangers game live this season, except for the one in Denmark. Today I was watching on TV though, maybe you see things better when you’re at the game.



When does Davis try to do this?

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As I said above, it's been coming. While the defense usually is solid and held well today (yep, a stray pass can hurt you badly, but overall they weren't all over us or we panicked ... for an OF game that is). But whatever happened after Hibs is still bugging us up to now. 


13 days to get this out of the system and hammer Livingston.


Wee sidnote / observation ... while you can blame it on slack passes, on Thursday as well as today the surface seemed to be somewhat sluggish, like balls were getting slower every now and then, even stopped? As if there was too much water on it.

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What bugs me most is the fact non of our players turned up. Are they capable? They get plaudits but yesterday didnt show up. So many on here praise Jack, Ive never been convinced.


I thought at half time Gerrard would ring the changes.


Move on and react.


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It was a poor game, poor refereeing also. we made plenty of mistakes, 2 which cost goals. I don't get how we were outclassed and they were in second gear, they were not that far ahead of us. It's still early in the season so hopefully we will recover and the new players learn quickly, but you see the same negative over the top reaction to every bad game we play. We are still way behind them in finance but not far behind them on the pitch, if we score first we don't lost that game. Most of the players were off form it happens, hopefully not to often!

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For me our issue yesterday was creativity. Players like Aribo, Defoe and Arfield didn't impose themselves and weren't able to hurt Celtic where it matters. The starting line-up puzzled me as much as everyone else, why we chose this match not to play any recognised wide players I'm struggling to understand. Three 'central midfielders' simply didn't work, Aribo looked bewildered at times, Arfield was off the pace and for the first time Defoe looked his age. Would it have turned out any different if we'd started with Morelos, Jones and Ojo? Perhaps, although I'm still not convinced by Ojo, at least it would have stretched the Celtic defence and put pressure on their rookie full-backs. 

One day though we'll figure out how to use corners and set pieces. Has any side ever been so ineffectual from so many set-pieces. 

Hey ho, we didn't  and when Celtic's chance came they took it. There are going to be set-backs throughout the season, how we react to them and if we learn from them, will be the genuine acid test. Thankfully we can largely ignore football for a couple of weeks now. 

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17 hours ago, compo said:

You've hit the nail on the head Aribo is not a patch on young Kent and never will be .

They play in different positions.  Kent couldn't play central midfield, just as Aribo isn't suited to be the wider attacking midfield player.

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