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I'm beginning to think that outside the top two who themselves look relatively closely matched this is looking like as evenly matched a league as I can recall seeing certainly in the SPL era.


I have a notion that this is linked to the fact everyone outside the OF is trading at a generally at best league one freebie level. This then results in a relatively closely matched league. These guys are in general freebies for a reason. No one at that league 1 level wants them or wants to pay them what they think they are worth.

That kind of quality might get you a moment here and there but it's not going to be consistent since if it were likely to be they wouldn't have been a freebie in the first place. Due to this lack of a top quality edge they're all very defensive and regularly have a win lose or draw margin of just one odd nicked goal.

And when you consider even Rangers and Celtic regularly do that away from home too you can imagine how difficult it is for the rest with their lesser quality against the current mastery of this stop them playing at all costs mentality.

Celtic struggled to a 1-0 win at Hamilton, Rangers did the same at St Mirren, while the usually reliable sheep habit of grinding out results at lesser lights appears to have been interrupted. The sheep lost 1-0 away at St Mirren and drew 1-1 at home with current league whipping boys St Johnstone.

I think the rest may be so closely matched this season that they're all going to be taking points off each other frequently. If that were indeed the case it may well produce a situation where for a significant part of the season the distance between say 3rd/4th and 9th/10 couldn't be almost completely reversed after just a couple of games or so.

If Hearts could resolve their injury crisis tonight I think they might be a good bet for third but in the meanwhile it looks as if their season may be crippled by it.

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