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[FT] Rangers 1 - 0 Feyenoord (Ojo 23)

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12 minutes ago, Rousseau said:

Kamara is annoying me. I love Kamara as a player, but he seems so complacent now. Shielding the ball was his main strength last season, now he gets caught. It's almost as if he's better when he doesn't have to think: those instinctive twists and turns come off, but when he has to think he gets caught or misses the pass.

I think that King should be getting a chance ahead of Kamara now.

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I am reading everywhere we should have had a second penalty when Morelos got pulled down and my first reaction was similar but the TV replay showed clearly the feyenoord player played the ball before Alfie went over his leg. I have changed my decision and it was not a penalty.

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These last five days, I have spent in a cottage on top a conical hill in the Dordogne.


My local cafe tabac is a couple of K away, I watched their game against Rennes with half-a-dozen fairly disinterested locals. It's rugby country, although fishing and petanque run egg chasing close seconds. French TV quickly boiled into outrage at ra Sellik's tough style of play. The locals heard the banjo strings being strummed louder and joined in, they could not understand why a team with so many Frenchmen would resort to such ugly and thuggish football. No one at the bar thought Neil had a purdy mouth.


Back to the butt'n'ben for the Rangers game, and continuing problems with connectivity. I saw the first 35 minutes, an emotional roller coaster of hitting the post with a penalty(again), then hitting the bar, and finally taking the lead with a worldly. Re-connection occurs several minutes into the second half, relief in that our lead remains in tack, but cannot hold on to possession. Screaming for Subs to maintain energy levels, demanding twenty yard runs to create angles for passes, and calling the Ref' everything. The only response was next door's truffle pig.


Morelos and Ryan Jack were outstanding, the rest were merely very good.


I note my Traiteur in St Astier was advertising breast of wood pigeon on black pudding in a red wine jus for today. I am in the mood to participate. 

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What does the manager do about players like Tav, Arfield and Kamara, all of whom are struggling to find any kind of consistent form this season? Does he "rest" them and risk demotivation or does he persevere in the hope they gain form and we don't drop points in the meantime? It's hard to see the point of a large squad if we can't replace players who are performing so far below par.

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