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Eros Grezda could have played his last game for Rangers

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Eros Grezda could have played his last game for Rangers ahead of showdown talks with boss Steven Gerrard.


Eros Grezda could have played his final game for Rangers after Ibrox chiefs launched a probe into his behaviour against Ballymena.

The Albanian was part of the Light Blues’ Development Squad that made the trip to Northern Ireland for a third round match in the Tunnock’s Caramel Wafer Challenge Cup.

But he now faces an internal investigation after allegedly spitting at defender Andrew Burns in the second half of a 1-0 victory for Graeme Murty’s side on Wednesday.

The incident sparked angry scenes on the park and boss Murty - alongside coach Peter Lovenkrands, Ibrox legend Mark Hateley and captain Greg Docherty - apologised to Ballymena manager David Jeffrey.

Grezda has been training and playing with the Light Blues Colts in recent weeks as Rangers look to move him on after a disastrous debut season following his £2million arrival from Osijek last summer.

And now the 24-year-old faces showdown talks with boss Gerrard in the coming days as his conduct and future come under the spotlight.

Gerrard said: “Grezda has been told face-to-face what his situation is. He’s been advised to find a different challenge for himself.

“His representation is aware of that. But we’re trying to be respectful and give him game time to keep his fitness levels up.

“There are still a few markets and windows open around the world that might suit him so we’re trying to be respectful. But if you behave in that manner then you won’t represent this club any level.

“Just to be respectful, to keep his fitness up in case there’s a move in one of the niches in the market that are still open.

“We’re trying to be respectful but no-one behaves like that and wears the Rangers shirt so there will be a disciplinary situation. We will address it internally. But I need to sit down and speak face-to-face and get the player’s version of events.

“I’ve had some witness version of it so I’m aware of what’s gone on. We will deal with it internally but it’s something that I’m not happy with at all. There is no place for it on a football pitch, if he’s guilty of it.”


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Asked this on the various threads over on FF without reply: anyone actually seen anything? Wasn`t the game somewhere on TV that night?


It is a somewhat strange that if a player doesn`t click, the hatchets are out in no-time. And that`s without any regard to sait incident.


Grezda came here being just back from injury, no pre-season and then suffering the same fate as Stewart does now, i.e. having first Murphy and then Kent in front of him - with both respective Liverpool guys seemingly getting some favouritism from the gaffer. Kent was at the beginning hardly the star we have signed now, yet was played time and again. Ojo drifts in and out of games for quite long spells, but ...

(No comparisons drawn between these 4 players, as those are utterly subjective.)


Whether he was able to settle to life in Scotland I don´t know, what went on at that game I don`t know either. Folk from those countries don`t take it well if you goad them with fancy stuff, so perhaps he cracked there and then (and we might be lucky that he did not have his knife at the ready ... well yes, that was a joke). So while I sure do not condone his alledged actions nor see him play for Rangers again, it would be good to know what actually happened and how it came about.  I remember one rather famous lad head-butting an opponent in the WC final (or the like) a few years back after some heinous insults ... so who knows.

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