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Annual Celebration Of Super Ally

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It's the great man's birthday today and an excellent excuse to look at some of the wonderful moments he gave us. I think this remains my favourite. I watched this from the front row of the Rangers end, the geniuses who designed Hampden hadn't matched up the end of the roof with the front of the stand and it was pouring all match. The front row was also subterranean giving us a worm's eye view of the match. Oh, but all that was forgiven when Mr McCoist slotted home what proved to be the winner. Football has always been a great escape for me, and for the rest of that match I might as well have been on a Spanish beach in July for all I noticed the rain. 



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1 hour ago, Frankie said:

Can't have a McCoist thread without this goal!



Golden balls indeed!

Just back from a leg break.


To many to name them all but loved the Terry Hurlock assist ? at parkheed when he puts Bonner on his arse before slotting home.


Favourite has to be his goal at Elland Rd....whit a finishing  heeder that was.



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McCoist was actually under-rated, easily the greatest Scottish striker of all time. Genuinely world class. Yet because he spent most of his career here, & maybe because he was always seen as a joker, I don’t think he got global recognition. 2 golden boots in succession ffs!


I used to go to Scotland games, and in 10 ‘away’ games I only saw Scotland score one goal! So I vote for that one, in a 1-0 win over Switzerland in the Euro 96 finals at Villa Park..

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I think it can be difficult harking back further than say the mid 1960's. I would opine that the professional game back then was effectively amateur in comparison to pre 1960's and current standards. I think it's safe to say players from that era couldn't live in say a current Rangers side due to the athleticism and physicality of the modern game.


It's possible some of these greats from a bygone era would never have been able to achieve the levels of athleticism and physicality required and I actually know a guy who could have been a top player but didn't make it because he simply couldn't live an athletes life.


He came up through Celtic youth ranks during the O'Neill era and made a few substitute first team appearances but never got into the first 11. Inveterate gambler, heavy drinker, prone to disappearing on drinking binges, failing to turn up for training, or turning up heavily hungover.


At age 20 he was transferred to Premier league St Johnstone for 200K then after 3 years and 69 appearances  it was a rapid tumble through numerous clubs in just a couple of years to land at the likes of Stenhousemuir. This guy had the talent in abundance but just couldn't live the life of a modern top level professional footballer and I believe many players from pre modern eras could have gone down a similar path.

Because when you think about it back then that type of behaviour wouldn't have been viewed as so out of touch with a footballers life. It's possible many of them actually lived in a similar manner to this guy I mentioned though maybe not quite to that extreme but could still play at an elite level because all teams were littered with guys like that.      

But in saying that it takes nothing away from their achievements in their era. They were the best of their time and you can't do any better than that.

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