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[FT] BSC Young Boys 2 - 1 Rangers (Morelos 44)

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4 minutes ago, JFK-1 said:

Yep, helps nothing to continue it. Just move on to Hamilton and let Gerrard and Tav sort it out.


Looking for a good result since at Ibrox at least they appear to have learned how to break down these ultra defensive formations. The slaughter of the sheep was fine evidence of that.

That is our 2nd defeat of the season, lots to be confident about for the rest of the season

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1 hour ago, pete said:

I just mentioned what the Feyenoord players said and if you read what I wrote they said they couldn't get the ball to Haps. That is not necessarily tavs fault it could be the system. It is also a well known fact for us that there is always room behind Tav. Don't let that stop you having a moan at me right enough, I can handle it.

This is spot on.


Watch our games - Tavernier always starts higher up the pitch, leaving acres of space in behind him.  It is the system for sure.  But that is, I presume, a risk the management team are willing to take because of what Tav offers going forward.  No system can legislate for his two mistakes last night though and, more often than not, they don't result in goals.

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1 hour ago, ian1964 said:

Nearly every one of our players could/should be dropped then based on last nights performance then? Tav was not the only one who made mistakes! Barisic got caught out of position a couple of times, their first chance was the sitter they missed from inside the 6 yard box came from Barisic.

Goldson failed to cut the cross out after Tav lost the ball for their first goal and Helander should have got something on the cross as well, he tried but missed it.

I did say in my earlier post that I'm NOT saying this based on last night's performance, but rather because he's been poor in many games this season.  Also, I did say it depends on what the reason is.  I think he's looking full of confidence, but not full of concentration which is why I've said this about him in particular.

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For the first goal, Tav IIRC was in possession of the ball and should simply have kicked it into touch or the like. It is these little simple things that make Flanagan a "better" defender and so valuable in Europe.


People use to say that if things ain't broke, you should not change them. But at times you may trial something different to see if it works better in certain circumstances. Tav sitting out this or that game won't stop the world from spinning ...

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FWIW, I wouldn't mind seeing Tav rested tomorrow but it's more likely he plays, does well and leads us to another win. 


He does that a lot more than what he did the other night. That's why he remains an important player to us despite his indifferent form this season. 

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