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Smacking the children

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This type of thing isn't new it's been going on for decades. I vaguely remember a case in Hamilton from I think around the late 1970's to early 80's. Guy takes his daughter to the dentist on Xmas eve I think she was maybe around 9 or 10 and had been tormenting the family for a week crying about a toothache but refusing to be taken to the dentist.

On Xmas eve they have finally persuaded her and he's thinking they will have a settled Xmas now. Little did he know. While sitting in the dentist waiting room she again begins acting up again and refuses to be treated when it's her turn to go in.

Guy says to the dentist wait a minute then takes her outside into a shared corridor of an office complex and apparently out of sheer frustration spanks her arse right there in the corridor. Unbeknownst to him a woman watching him from another office is a social worker who immediately gets in touch with the authorities who turn up at the office and the end result is this guy is charged with child abuse and is banned from his own home over Xmas. 

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