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[FT] Rangers 5 - 0 Hamilton (Defoe 8, 63, 71; Goldson 34; Barisic 61)

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Should also be said that Tavernier has had a very good game today too.  Much easier when he has nothing to do defensively but his crossing has been very good (right as I say that he puts ones miles pas the back post...)

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  • Rousseau changed the title to [FT] Rangers 5 - 0 Hamilton (Defoe 8, 63, 71; Goldson 34; Barasic 61)

So many good things about today.


Top of the league even if we had only earned a 0 - 0 draw. The team were still hungry enough to go out and hammer them though.


The first three goals were all brilliant but the opener was particularly good. I think Defoe must be the top scorer now. Not bad for the second string.

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Will get little to no credit for it against a side who last week defeated Livi, the conquerors of the yahoos this week. An example from a red top.



This was about as poor as any Premiership side can get to capitulating at Ibrox without putting up a show defiance.

When the yahoos get such a result well they're just so awesome. When Rangers do it the opposition were very poor and just didn't try very hard.


A show of defiance? What the hell are they looking for? Drop their shorts and moon us?


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Defoe now on 9 league goals with the nearest competition being Christie of Celtic on 6. And a further stat which has been mentioned before is his frequency of scoring. Last week it was 44 minutes per goal now it's 39 minutes per goal.


Jermain Defoe
39 minutes per goal

353 minutes played

The closest in the league to his 39 minutes is actually Alfie on 5 goals and 79 minutes per goal having played 40 minutes more.

Alfredo Morelos

79 minutes per goal

393 minutes played.

Christie has 6 goals at 95 minutes per goal having played 569 minutes.

We have two free scoring strikers both of whom have played far fewer minutes than any of the opposition goal scoring competition.

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  • Frankie changed the title to [FT] Rangers 5 - 0 Hamilton (Defoe 8, 63, 71; Goldson 34; Barisic 61)

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