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[FT] Porto 1 - 1 Rangers (Morelos 44)

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Has to be said that the turnaround in the club since the arrival of Steven Gerrard has been nothing short of remarkable. I think it's safe to say that none of us expected much more than maybe 2 or 3 rounds of EL qualification ties last season but Gerrard took us all the way there.

Then again this season the majority view was that repeating it was unlikely at best yet here we are again. And further we're not just making it there, we're competing at this level with some impressive displays having never been outclassed in any European game Gerrard has led us into.

There are still doubters/critics who will harp on so what he hasn't won anything which I would strongly disagree with in the circumstances and especially so the circumstances he inherited. He has won this club a sorely needed £20 million in Euro income while improving the co-efficiency of both club and country.


As far as i'm concerned that £20 million was more vital to Rangers right now than any domestic cup. It's the very money that has built this squad into a force that can compete in the EL while we can be more than confident there would be no Ryan Kent or others without it. Give me that over some domestic cup anytime.

Yes we need to win domestic silverware along the way because that's what we're about but these Euro runs have been far more important to the immediate future of Rangers than any league cup or Scottish cup.

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29 minutes ago, craig said:

Aye but could he get a game for Aberdeen ? 😉

You obviously know nothing about them. Of course he couldn't because he's shite and Porto are shite. 



You can see why some diddy team are leading the way in Portugal this season. Porto are pish!

I actually enjoy such vacuous babble. Their bitter envy shines through. And if they're 'pish' I have no idea what that makes the sheepish cluggers. Presumably the mighty Rijeka would romp the Portugese league.

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There were so many times in that match when our possession play (under pressure) was just a delight to watch.  One particular moment stood out for me though.  I think it was in the second half and Porto were closing us down in our own half.  There was a passage of play involving one-twos from Davis, Jack and Barisic I think.  They played it around so simply and then eventually passed it out wide towards Tav on the other side.  The Porto players looked dejected that they didn't get a sniff, despite them pressing on every one of our players.  I never thought I'd ever see my team play that standard of football.  I was watching it alone in my hotel but I still clapped.  We are now capable of playing some of the best football I've ever seen.


In the past when our team was winning 9 in a row we never played great team football.  We were effective at getting results, but the play was poor a lot of the time, including when we went to the UEFA final that year.  I've always enjoyed watching teams like Barca, Liverpool, Man City and Dortmund so to see my own team perform like that is just awesome.  We need to take that into the games against that other lot and if we do, we would wipe the floor with them.

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4 hours ago, pete said:

It was a good header straight at the keeper. It would have been a great header if he had scored and the place was the opposite corner.

If he had tried to place his header to the far corner the ball would have hit the defender who was challenging him, watch it again, he could only do what he did.

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Take a point in Porto every day of the week. And with 2 home games still to come its set up nicely.


Happy with the line up also and SG made the perfect changes. I thought Docherty or Stewart before hand in place of Arfield but Barker coming in was the right move and in a 4-3-2-1 it was 11 square pegs 11 square holes.

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